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The Poker Commercial Awards & The Limit Challenge

If you've ever been up at 3 in the morning watching the umpteenth rerun of any of the many poker shows on tv, you've definitely seen some poker commercials. There's the one with Chris Moneymaker and Greg Reimer, in which the two "tough guys" are standing back to back and hyping Paradise or Party poker. The commercial looks like something from a bad technical college. Then there are the commercials where the player is at the table until his wife comes over and bitches and then he's taken back to reality, where he is in his shitty apartment, with his shitty computer, and his shitty wife. Man, that commercial bugs me!

Recently, by way of the Poker Gamer's blog, I stumbled upon Full Tilt's commercials. You can see them by clicking THIS LINK. I watched them at work, and let me just say...Best...Commercials...Ever! They are funny, flattering to the iconic poker superstars that appear in them (Ivey, Ferguson, and Lederer), and effective. Damn. Full Tilt's bonuses are a pain in the ass, but their commercials are top dollar. I give a lot of credit to Full Tilt. A little class in their commercials could help them be the Cadillac of online poker sites. And the poker professionals behind the site are hard to disrespect.

So, onto another thing that I am stealing from someone else's blog. This is actually a re-theft, in that DNasty13's blog "borrowed" it from DoubleA's blog (and gave DoubleA credit for it). Here's the deal. DoubleA, in his infinite wisdom, came up with a limit challenge. This may have been created by him a while ago. I can't quite say. Anyway, the limit challenge involves starting at .10/.25 limit with $25, playing until you reach $55, at which point, you move up to .25/.50. When you've reached $110, advance to .50/1. From there it is 1/2 with $215, 2/4 with $370, 3/6 with 550, and so on. The full details are on DNasty13's blog , in his May 3 posting.

I'd like to take on the challenge, but there are a few obstacles. First, I like playing a variety of games. Second, Full Tilt (my current bonus mongering site) does not have the .10/.25 limit game, and my bankroll is lower than the $50 or so that I need to start at step two. Third, I'd like to play the challenge with or against any other players. The challenge is on, and I'm looking at you DNasty and SteelerJosh. Hell, I'm looking at anyone who has the balls to try the challenge. Here's what I suggest. A wager. It can be a simple $20, just enough to care if you win, but don't care if you lose. Or $50 is fine with me. It needs to be with someone I trust, because I don't need your, "I'm already on the 11th level on the first day bullshit!" I suggest we set up on Golden Palace because they have the low limits necessary and its a solid site. But, if this doesn't fly, I'll do it on any site. We'll set a time limit (a month?) or even a level limit (first to make $25 into $100 [or $200] OR when the loser busts out). So, there is my proposal. I accept all comers. Email me, post a comment, or if you have a blog that's listed on my site, just post your acceptance on your site. I'll be reading it. For that matter, if you have a blog not listed on my site, let me know about it.

Keep on poking!

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At 1:29 PM, Blogger doubleas said...

Although, I did it, I didn't create the idea.

It is a good way to get some experience at higher limits though because if you run hot, you'll be up faster than you think.


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