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From Hammers to Bullets

Here are two back-to-back hands in the $5 two table NL Holdem SNG I took 3rd in. I found this to be an interesting couple of hands. Remember they were literally back to back.

Hand #1- The Hammer

I look (figuratively) down to see the hammer, 2 7 offsuit. So, of course, I limp in. Cause thats how I do. There are four other players in the hand.

The flop came down: 842 with two hearts. Someone made a timid raise of 120. I called with bottom pair. One other person called as well.

The turn was a 2, giving me three of a kind. It's checked to me and I raise 480. There was one caller.

The river is 9 hearts (making 3 hearts on the board). The guy before me checks. I check. He has Q6 of hearts for a flush. I show my hammer and type HAMMER! in the chat box. While I lost the hand, I set a table image. Now, they all thought I was the crazy guy.

Hand #2- Bullets
This is the very next hand and I am utg (under the gun, i.e., to the left of the big blind). I look down to see AA. I raise to 480 preflop. The BB called.

The flop is 448. I bet 480 again. He raises all in. I call quickly and happily. The fool had 55. With no 5 on the turn or river, I take down the pot. BOOYA!

Hand #3- Taking it Slow
One last hand that I was very proud of. I was on a string of luck and decided to play it out. With Q9o on button, I limped in. 120/240 blinds. I was the chip leader and hitting everything.

The flop was 997. Someone in mid position a weak 240. I call. SB and BB fold. Just Bettor and me now.

The turn is a 4. Bettor bets 500. I call.

The river is a 4 . Bettor checks. I bet all in, which is about T4000 more than he has. It was my way of looking like I was overplaying the hand. T5000 chips looks like more than his T1000, so by betting it all, I was hoping that he would think I was acting strong to steal the pot. He called. I dont know what hell he had, other than a hurting.

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