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Working for the Tilt

Man, Full Tilt really makes you work for those bonuses. Granted I play low stakes, but after probably 6 hrs of play or so, I think I earned .86 of the bonus. Its very different from Empire, where I received my full $25 bonus in a little over a day. Now I'm working my ass off for $10 out of $100 possible.

Regardless, I've committed myself to only playing on Full Tilt. I've removed all of my money from Golden Palace and Empire so that I could limit the amount of money in poker limbo. The result was an immediate $165 increase to my winnings, which still leaves me shy of the $400 mark I was hoping to reach by April 30th. Oh well. I wouldn't have taken out the money if it would've cost me a transaction fee. But since it doesn't, I might as well bank it. I could use some new shirts and ties anyway. And Kim never has difficulty spending money.

As for Full Tilt, I'm still not a huge fan of their site. As I've said before, there are too few players. They have a plethora of games, but no one playing them. Its more than a little annoying. If a Razz game starts in the woods but there is no one to play it, does it make a rake?

Last night, I had some computer problems. While I was working on it, Kim fell asleep. So, even though we had a poker moratorium for one day...I broke it. The way I see it, the purpose of taking the break was to enjoy Kim's company. Once she's asleep, there is no point to the moratorium.

So, last night I won about $10. Its nothing spectacular, but its better than losing. I was playing .25/.50 limit holdem, .25/.50 stud, a $5 limit tournament (in which I placed 7/10) and a couple of other random tables. I didn't mean to play a limit tournament, but after the tournament started, what could I do. What the hell is the point of a limit tournament anyway?! I mean, I guess some people like that sort of thing, but to me the point of a tournament is to play in a controlled environment where you knock out other players. With limit, its a friggin' hour before two people are knocked out. Its just too damn long. So, excuse me limit tourney players, but it isn't for me.

I don't have much in the way of exciting hands. I did try to pick up one hand in the tourney with the hammer. I raised pre-flop, planning a bluff anyway, as I was on the button. I hit my 7, the middle pair (8 was the high card), and raised. I got a call. The next card was an A. I raised again and was called. The final card was a 2. I raised and was called. The other guy had A8. He was playing extremely passively. But I guess I deserve it for playing the hammer.

Good luck to everyone out there. Thanks for reading. I now have to get back to the day-in-day-out of lawyering. If you are on Full Tilt, I'm the gnome with the name HighOnPoker. See you there!

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