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Waiting Out the Shit Storm

Have you ever noticed how bad news comes in bunches? Well, not so much bad news, but bad vibes really. I feel like I have a bulls-eye painted on me.

Today at work I spent the morning at a deposition (having the witness take the stand prior to trial in an office with only the lawyers and a stenographer) covering for a co-worker. It was an interesting one, in which the person deposed was a little crazy. I couldn't help but feel bad for him though. Crazy or not, these people always seem sincere in their belief that they were injured, and I can't help but empathize. This may be a shortcoming as a lawyer, but I see it the other way. A little compassion by me can actually soften up the deponent for some clever moves. The same was true when I mediated small claims cases. I show compassion, and then I get my way.

But I digress. I got back to the office to a slew of emails, voicemails, snail mails, and work to be done. With half the day shot, I figured I'd get right to it (note, I'm still at work now procrastinating). Then I got a call from a partner at the firm. I was given a research assignment from him a few weeks ago which was not going well. I sent him an email asking him to send me some docs, and when he didn't respond, I thought that it obviously wasn't a priority for him and put it on the mental backburner. He called me today to ask where the research is. Now, it only took me one hour to wrap it up, but I didn't know this while we talked. I took my lumps, during which he told me that I should be working late if I'm so busy, and that I should be trying to impress him. I have to admit, I fell short on this task. It seems like whenever I do anything for this one partner (who is generally known to be very picky and hard on people) I drop the ball. In poker terms, its kind of like moving up a level and playing shitty because you fear losing in the higher stakes game. In the end, I just need to focus and stay on my game.

Add this to the fact that I am still hovering at $20 on Full Tilt (under the name HighOnPoker, for Pauly and any other FT players) and I have to miss Robbie Hole's next game due to plans with some of fiance Kim's work friends. Hmmph. I need a vacation.

Tonight, hopefully I'll get in some more FT NLHE .05/.10. This morning I played a little and whooped ass. I limped with pocket As, which is rare for me, and hit the third Ace on a rainbow board. I checked and a better bet at me small. The next card paired the board, giving me As full of 4s. Check/called again. On the river, I check/called and reraised the rest of my money in. The bettor had no choice but to call, due to the amount of money in the pot. Ka ching! So, I guess it isn't all bad.

As for poker, I've been paying more attention to setting a table image early and exploiting it later. Its a new focus for me, so its making the game more interesting. Of course, I think it only really matters in NL, because in limit, the benefit of the deception may not pay as well as it would in NL. Ah, poker! My shit-storm umbrella.

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