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Posting for the Hell of It

Well, not much to post about today, but I felt an urge to write, so excuse me if my thoughts are a little scattered. Yesterday on Full Tilt, my $20 dipped to $12 from .05/.10 NLHE, but recovered back to about $17. I feel like I'm back at Golden Palace. Realistically, I don't think my bankroll can take the swings of NLHE right now, nor the fact that I am playing three tables simultaneously with most, if not all, of my bankroll on the tables. In truth, I am just trying to earn the next $5 of my second bonus. FT gives you your bonus in 10% intervals, and since my bonus will be for $100 total eventually, I need to earn $10 in bonuses before I get my 2nd installment. I already blew my first. So, NLHE means larger pots and larger rakes, which means a quicker bonus.

Ironically, I also have another reason to overplay my bankroll. While I still have money in FT, I don't plan on reloading or playing anywhere else. But, if I lose my roll, I can sign up for a new bonus on a different site. I'd like to check out Paradise or another Party skin. I used to have a Party account, so maybe I'll check that out, since I may have a couple of bucks there, stuck in online poker limbo. But, this will only happen if I bust out of FT. If I don't bust out, then fine with me.

Another random thing. In an email I got from Dr. Pauly, he mentioned that the $3/6 limit tables at FT are full of fish. Well, I can't afford that sort of fishing just now, but still I find that the lower levels at FT are at least a little better than the same people at Empire. By comparison, Empire was a cash cow to FT's cash black hole. Maybe the quality of player is better at the lower limits in comparison, although this is couterintuitive. Maybe Pauly is better than me...Nah! No offense Pauly. I know you've got mad skills, but I won't ever think that someone is better than me. It would throw me off of my game. While I'm at it, if any of my readers, Pauly included, would like to meet up online for some heads up action or even to play at the same table, let me know by posting a comment or email. If I knew I was meeting up with someone, I would be willing to pump up my bankroll to cover your game of choice (within reason).

Finally, I am thinking of throwing a home game at my place next Tuesday. But, I don't know if it is worth the trouble, and I don't feel like harassing people to commit. Damn my friends and thier commitment issues. I'll keep you posted either way. If you are interested in playing in a laid-back home game filled with fish, let me know. I can pretend you are my cousin from a Gdanske, Poland, who knows nothing of "English" poker. When you whoop ass, I'll just sigh, "Jaroslav, you and your beginners luck!" Ka Ching!

Enjoy yourselves...but not too much. Happy Poker.

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