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Viva el Cinco de Mayo

Me gusta todos mexicanos. La lengua, las cervezas, las playas, y los burritos. Asi, cinco de mayo es un pasa bien por migo.

Okay, that may not have been correct spelling or grammar, but the gist is this: I love all things Mexican. Apparently, all things Mexican like me too, because today I finally had the turn around I was waiting for. For those who don't know, I recently suffered a -$80 swing on Full Tilt leaving me with only $20. I've been playing .05/.10 NL Holdem in hopes of earning my bonus faster (about $3.50 left to earn until my 2nd bonus payout), win back my dough, or go bust (at which point I will close shop at FT).

Well, after work today I came home and attempted to squeeze some poker in before I head with fiance Kim to her co-worker's place for Mexican beer and wine and guacamole. So I'm playing on three tables at once, and something becomes apparent to me...I'm winning. At each table. I mean, calling all ins with top pair and knowing, not hoping or guessing, but knowing, that I am in the lead. My $20 grew to $42, which is quite a jump if I must say so myself.

So, my bankroll is healthy again. Its not optimal, but at least I am not just trying to go broke anymore. This change will hopefully only continue, as I hope to tighten my game and play to my full ability.

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