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The Call of the Queens

I was faced with a decision a moment ago. My plan to go for dollar beers at Third and Long was handicapped by the fact that only my good pal DP and his girlfriend would attend. It was essentially holding a 23, the two are my pal and his girlfriend, and I'm that left over three.

And then I heard through the grapevine that Rouss was trying to get a game together at Robbie Hole's place in Queens. Poker in Queens = pocket Queens.

So it should be of no surprise to anyone to find out that I folded the 23 and decided to follow the Queens to Queens. I'll be playing for revenge tonight. Last time I played at Hole's I got myself a new hole ripped in me. I bled $80 at a game that I thought I would be ruling. But suckouts galore, and an inability to recover left me shamed.

Tonight, I need to get in there and whoop ass. Confidence will be an important factor. I also have to avoid any mind-altering substances, as they tend to effect my game horribly. Finally, I'm going to have to focus. I should have a read on these players by now. I think I do, but I'm concerned that I might be sticking to a read that has become outdated. Players change, and I need to see if and how its happened with these players.

I also found out that Ruff's NJ game is happening tomorrow. Hole is nice enough to pick me (and maybe even everyone's favorite risk-adverse player, DP) out to the armpit of the US of A, New Jersey. Thanks Hole!

When it rains, it pours. Now lets hope I get showered in good luck!

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