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Another Day

I'm at work, trying to get through a pile of documents that I have to review, a bunch of research to perform, and a bucket load of documents I have to write. I've made plans to go drinking tonight at Third & Long, a place with $1 beers on Tuesdays. The special is only on Bud and Bud Light, but that does the job fine. In fact, its preferable, because the 10oz or so glass they give you for $1 is easy to chug down with the delicious watery substance that is Bud Light. Make no doubt about it. If you want to consume mass amounts of beer, your can't find a better beer than Bud Light. Hell, that should be their new slogan: Goes down like water!

I've noticed that SteelerJosh and DNasty have not been posting lately. Neither have PokerGrub or IntrepidCardPlayer. I hope everyone is okay. I must complain though. You are cutting into my daily distraction time. Don't worry though. I'm keeping up the fort.

Poker is going well. Wednesday night at Ruff's in NJ is looking ok, as soon as I hear that Ruff can dig up three more definites, and if Robbie Hole doesn't back out. I wouldn't blame him, as I think there are rumblings of a game in his neck of the woods. But I'd hate to switch games, especially seeing as Ruff mentioned that he has had a hard time getting games together. I can relate.

If I don't play on Wednesday, I will at least get some quality time in with fiance Kim. I know most people don't get it right away, but even when living with someone, that doesn't necessarily mean that you get to spend a lot of time interacting. She's often on the phone and I'm often playing poker, so when her and I can sit down and relax together, its a special treat. Okay, now I am making myself sick.

I guess this is little more than rambling. Have good poker everyone.

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