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So Much to Type, So Little Time

Wow. Work is kicking my ass, with one problem after another. But its helping me focus (save for this hopefully short post). My hands are killing me due to some condition that might be carpal tunnel, and might be arthritis. Hell, it might be psychosymatic. All I know is that is recurring and started more than a year ago. I guess I've been typing too much or playing too much online poker. Either way, I've learned to live with the pain, so I'll tough it out.

I caught NBC's National Heads Up Championship this weekend. The commentating was atrocious. I disagreed with the commentators' statements left and right. As a small example, when pointing out all of the outs of one of the players, the commentator ignored the overcards. Thats an important factor when making a call. I guess that's what happens when you hire Gabe Kaplan ("Welcome Back Kotter") for color commentary.

I have to say though, it is a great concept. When you see two players heads up, you get a better understanding of their game, table demeanor, betting style, everything. Negreanu played against Antonio Espariandi, and Hellmuth played against Paul Phillips at the main tables. I won't post results, because some people might want to catch it on reruns. But I will say that there was one hand that bothered me. I'll post it later, when I have time.

Let me give away one thing. Mike Sexton took out Eric Lindgren. You can joke all you want about how cheesy Sexton's commentary is on the WPT. However, the WPT was my real introduction to the game and Sexton holds a special place in my heart and esteem. He was taken out in first place on a WPT author's tournament, so it was good to see him play well and advance. Go Sexton!

That's it for now. My online bankroll is at a growing $83. I hope to attend a game in NJ on Wednesday. Cross you fingers for me, because its been a while. May the cards be with you...

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