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Random Thoughts While Playing Online Poker

I hopped on Full Tilt today to work off the rest of my bonus increment and promptly lost $13 while attempting to earn a $10 bonus. Well, I guess the bonus is good luck, because I just went roughshod over a .25/.50 limit table, in warmup to the Limit Challenge I hope to commit to in future weeks. At least playing limit will help my limit game in AC (assuming I don't just gorge on NL).

I took about $8.50, or a whopping 19 BB in about 15 min. Meanwhile, I took another $5 in a .05/.10 NL. Along with some earlier play, I had brought my bankroll to a zaftig $86. I'm about to hop on a heads up SNG, which is my new drug of choice thanks to the NBC Heads Up Championship. I've played 4 recently, and only lost once. I'm hoping to go 5 for 6...

Wow. That was...quick. A quick $10 WIN! Up to about $96. Almost back to even. I just checked the clock...4 min. I've been faster, but this one felt especially nice. I played this guy like a fiddle. He gets points for his screenname, which was a misspelling of drop a duece.

The game started slow. I decide that I am tired of winning T40 chips when I have 1500 to start. I start raising randomly, but relatively aggressive. We go back and forth. I'm up by about 200-300 but winning pots left and right. My man is set to fall.

I'm dealt Ac9c in the BB. I could feel the cards calling for my victory. Duece raises small, from 20 to 40. I think about raising, but I feel that I have this hand. I didn't even really put him on a hand, other than the general feeling that he was forcing his action. I called. Dealer: HighOnPoker calls 20

The flop is Qc Ts Kc. I set the trap and check. Duece takes another weak stab with a bet of 20. I call, feeling a good card coming. I'm still trapping because my hand is such potential. An overcard, a four-card straight draw, and two chances to make nut flush.

The turn is Js. I must admit, at first this scared me. Then I realized that I made the straight (I was hoping for the flush. Regardless, I was in like flint, except for the possibility of a split. So, I check, giving Duece more rope with which to hang himself. Duece makes another weak 20 bet. I call.

The river is 9d. Now this is a tricky one. I have the board beat, but Duece might think that a bet was a steal and protect the pot thinking it will split. If he has the A, we split, so there is little exposure. I have the nuts. But, stupidly, I didn't think all of this at that point. I checked, instead. I wouldn't do that again. If he checks too, I get nothing extra and have to show my slow play.

It worked out okay, because Duece bet 160 (I knew he had some balls!). I throw it right back at him, to 640. Surprisingly he raises it back, so he has pretty much gone all in. I go all in (I've got him covered by 300), he calls...and I win. Kinda quick. Kinda easy. Good time though.

I'd like to play more poker, but Deadwood on HBO on Demand is calling me. See you all at the table.

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