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The Build Up

WOOOO! Another game tonight. Its a rare back-to-back poker experience for the ole Jordo. Tonight, I will be attending a .25/.50 cash game in the armpit of America, New Jersey. For anyone who hasn't visited New Jersey, count your blessings. Nearest I can tell, the only parts worth visiting are the north-east, which is close enough to NYC to be considered more "New York" than Albany (that's NY state's capital, in upstate NY, 5 or so hours from the world's business, art, fashion, theatre, and fun-time capital, NYC), and Atlantic City, Las Vegas' little, retarded brother.

The game should be opposite of last night's which was a loose game at Robbie Hole's. I'm looking to get back into the swing of things tonight, and won't accept failure as an option.

Work at the office has been weird. On Monday, I was like a madman, getting obscene amounts of work done. Tuesday was slower. Now, at the end of Wednesday, its a trickle. I mean, I suppose there is stuff to do, but I'm playing the waiting game with a bunch of people and documents, so I'm in a holding pattern. Lets hope it breaks soon.

Shout out to SteelerJosh, whose wife recently was in the hospital. I hope all is well with you and her. Shout out to DNasty, who is preparing for a big change, a move from Detroit to Florida. Good luck to you.

Its nice to have people reading the blog. I've been thinking about finding ways to increase readership. I have learned a lot about myself and poker through writing, so in the end, that is the most important thing. But I see the poker blogger community, and I am in awe of the openness of it all. I've always felt that we, as people, have more in common with each other than differences. In fact, that's a saying from the Dalhi Lahma. In that vein, I've always tried to be inclusive rather than exclusive. I see that the blogger community shares the same general philosophy. Bloggers, by nature, are sharers, I suppose. We type about what we are thinking, or whats going on in our lives, hoping in a way to include people in our lives. Even though I have not met Dr. Pauly, Grubby, the Poker Gamer, DNasty, or SteelerJosh, I feel like I know them. Hell, I plan on entering a "challenge" (limit or otherwise) with some fellow bloggers in coming weeks/months, and Pauly was even nice enough to pass my email along to someone who may be having some home games in the NY area. So, thanks blogger community. I hope to spread my site around a bit. Maybe have some blogger/reader games in my apartment, or play in some other home games I hear about through my blog. Thanks for reading, guys.

It's Poker Time!

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