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My Full Tilt bankroll is now…$65, with about $1.50 left to earn of my second $10 bonus payout. I was down to about $40, or even less, but I got paid out on 2 of 2 $5 SNGs I played. In one, I took 3rd place. In the other, I took the big prize, el numero uno. Its my first 1st place win on FT, so I feel it is well deserved. This is especially so, since when it was down to three people, at one point I had 1500 and the ChipLeader had 10,000 or so. At that point, I was joking with Big Bro Keith about how I was going to take the lead and win the tourney. In hindsight, I guess I wasn’t joking at all.

Two interesting notes. First, while playing the tournaments, some people came by to look at the couch that my roommates and I are selling. So, being the only one home, I had to click “Away from the Table” and show them the friggin couch. At that point, both tables had about 6 people left in the SNG. What a pain in the ass! The entire time I am thinking, come on people, it’s a fucking couch. Shit or get off of the couch! When I returned to my SNGs, my chip count was a little lighter, but there were only three people left at one SNG and four at the other. Not too shabby!

The second note is a quick hand summary. This was the hand that changed the game in which I placed 1st. I had about 4500 chips. My competition had 10,500. Up to this point, while heads up, I was going all in left and right. Looking at my suited AQ, I decided to play it differently. I limped for another 200 (200/400 blinds). The ChipLeader called. The flop came down KJ8, with only one spade. Bad news. ChipLeader was first to act. He raised half the pot, 800. I called, hoping to catch runner runner flush, a ten, or an Ace. Short-stacked, I would’ve been happy with a Q. I weighed my options and decided to check as well. The next card off was the ten of spades. I hit Broadway, the nut hand, with a nut flush draw. ChipLeader checked. I decided to check as well. A little bit of weakness would hopefully induce a bluff, and I did not have any fear of ChipLeader catching a card to beat me. The river was an innocuous 7 of diamonds. ChipLeader must’ve picked up on my weakness (or so I thought), because he bet out 1500. I put the rest of my chips in, which at that point was just another 1505 to the ChipLeader. He called, and I took down the pot. I later checked and found out that he had the baby straight, with 69o. A little bit of luck on my part certainly. But I also gave him the opportunity to hit his straight, thus drawing him in deeper. Thereafter, I was relentless with my raises. It helped that I literally got JKs, A9o, 44, and 99 in a row. All-ins left and right, and the former ChipLeader, which I more aptly will call MyBitch was blinding out. I finally took him out when he had no choice but to go all in with 59o to my J6o. I hit my J and called it a day.

So there you have it.

On a final note, fellow degenerates Robbie Hole and David Rouss went to Atlantic City last night (without yours truly, sadly) and played some 2/4 limit poker at the Sands. It didn’t turn out well for Hole due to some premium hands being cracked, but Dave was down to 6$ and made a comeback, leaving with $120. Good for you Dave. Hole also told me about a new table game in the main casino, Texas Hold’em. Apparently, it is so new that even the pit bosses were still learning the rules. I’ll give it a go in June when Hole, Rouss and I return to AC!

So, that’s it folks. I haven’t heard anything from DNasty of SteelerJosh about my Limit Challenge wager. But they haven’t posted on their sites lately, so hopefully that’ll change soon. Of course, they could be hiding from a REAL challenge. Bring…it…

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At 10:34 AM, Blogger D said...

I would be a go for it, but I am moving within the next 3 weeks. So unfortunately, doing it anytime soon would not work for me. I am going to do it, but with the move, I can only do it at a pace that would not be a competition really. Sorry


At 3:09 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

No rush, DNasty. When you move, we'll start it up. Besides, I've been trying to play limit, but my mind (and mouse) always drift to NL.


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