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Rant and Rave

Rant- FUCK TIME WARNER CABLE! I swear to god, if I ever spend another 45 minutes on the phone waiting to speak to some apathetic fool, I will snap! I mean, hide the guns and lockdown the bell tower.

Rave- I am SO excited for the $1000 Freeroll on Golden Palace tonight. That's right, GP, baby! I'm not putting anymore money in it, because I am now a bonus whore. But, I still have Action Points (like comp points) on the site, which can get me into these freerolls. I've won this freeroll twice (Mar, Feb) and came in second once this year (Jan). I don't think I played at all in April. But hopefully I'll place tonight. No Pressure. Especially since I plan on spending my night with fiance Kim. I'm going to see if I can either post and fold in the money, or post and fold until I am able to sign on.

Last note. I just won about $30 on 1/2 limit. Its much easier than .25/50, or even 50/1. I may've just gotten lucky, but the play seemed different. Oh well. Stay tuned.

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At 6:19 PM, Blogger newbie said...

Hi Newbie here. StatsCounter is great, I just sign up for a project and my counter is up and running. Thanks for the poker book tips. I will try to get of hold of the "Theory of Poker".


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