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A Series of Unfortunate Events

Robbie Hole's game was less than successful. In total, I bought in four times and lost a total of $80. It was an odd night because, overall, I don't think that I played poorly. Rather, my luck was horrible.

In my first bust out, I was on the button with 89 of hearts. We were six-handed. Dre, to my left, raised it to $2 total. I called. Maybe one other person called. The flop was 7h9x4x. I hit top pair. Dre raised $2. I called. The turn was 8x. I hit two pair. Dre checked. I raised $5. Dre called. The river was a 6x. With two pair, and confidence that my man did not have a straight, I raised all in after Dre checked. Dre called. My 89 was running against his pocket pair of 8s. With three of a kind to my two pair, I lost the hand. I don't see how I could have laid it down. Dre later told me he wanted to check it down with me. He was afraid I had the straight. But my all in was not expensive enough to make him back down. Damn!

In a later bust out, I held AQ in the big blind. I raised to $1.50. With three players in, the flop was Q27, with two diamonds. I checked, and another player bet out $2. I reraised to $5, in an attempt to push out flush draws. One player folded. Randy, the original raiser, called. The turn was an A. I bet $5 again. Randy called. The river was a K. I went all in for about $7. Randy called with pocket KKs. Again, my two pair was beat by a three of a kind. Only this time, I was ahead, and my competition hit their 2 outer.

This was how the night went. I realized after my second bad beat that I couldn't win. My table image sucked. Even if I had cards I couldn't win. So all of my bets were called down. Plus, when buying in with $20 against players with $100+, its hard to get any respect when betting.

I have a lot of topics I'll save for another post. I'm sure things will turn around, so I'm not concerned. Even so, what a kick in the balls.

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