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Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

My home game has folded due to a poor response and last minute cancellations. Its enough to make a man consider ending all future home games. Where have all the poker degenerates gone? I think I know the answer.

For me, poker is not only fun, but, more often than not, profitable. For others, this is not necessarily the case. Some of my past regulars were losing. I don't know how much, and I don't know how often, but we couldn't all win. Some of these players could handle the losses. Others, unfortunately, took it too personally and stopped playing. It's a shame for me, but I can't blame them. Poker is not for everyone. So, there goes some of my players.

Poker is definitely my number one hobby. During the workday, when I am bogged down in legal work, I spare a thought for poker and look forward to my future play. Others, however, don't have that love for poker. Simply put, these people came to my home games to try it out. Some of them won. Others lost. But overall, these players did not see the need, nor the want, to come over to some guy's apartment for beer, pizza and poker. Simply put, these guys did not catch the poker bug.

On a related note, some players did catch the bug, but it didn't stick. These 'fad' players liked the game for a while, but eventually just moved on. So, the regulars stop being regulars. They became distracted by other pursuits.

Finally, there is definitely a population that has moved on to other games. Maybe it was closer to home. Perhaps it was a softer game. Possibly, they did not like one of my regulars (which I know has occurred).

In the end, I don't blame any of these people. I do, however, find it disheartening that home games take so much effort to set up, and lately don't seem to pan out. I need to find some local poker-focused compadres. Until then, I'll travel to Queens whenever a game pops up (I am nudging some friends out there for a Tues game), and to the Upper East Side to Desi's game every other week. Maybe my home game has dried up, but my poker has not. Thank god for online poker and my poker-friendly friends.

I'll like to wrap up by admitting that my posts have lacked direction as of late. That will change shortly. I plan on paying better attention to hands that I am in, and relaying them here. I find that limit, in general, is a lot less exciting than no limit. But even so, I will keep my eye open for any exciting hands. Thanks for reading, and happy poker.

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At 11:46 AM, Blogger doubleas said...

In response to your last post...

At 1:18 PM, Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Thanks Double A. I appreciate the help. Bonus-whoring can be so difficult without a Bonus-pimp.


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