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An Experiment in Blog Writing

Here is an experiment in writing a blog while a tournament is in progress. I hope it doesn't suck:

The tourney started with 194 people. The first hand I played was AQ. Eventually, me and two other players were all in, very early in the game. The board was Q34Q, so I thought I was good, until one player showed 44 (the other fool had 56). I was behind until the river came down with a 3. I made a better full house on the river. And I was tripled up.

A little while later, I got AQ again. Not my favorite hand, but in the BB and a small raise before me, why the fuck not. Plus they already paid out. This time, the A hits, I bet and some guy calls me down until he is all in. His A2 lost.

20 minutes into the game and I'm at 7800, 6th place out of 124 players.

OOH! I'm in M/LP with QQ. Someone raises behind me. I go all-in, as the big stack. Two callers after me, but not the original raiser, who was just a few chips shy of me. I had to match about 1800. The other guys have JJ and A7. Hahaha. Until A7 hits a miracle straight with 689T on the board. Doh! As it turned out though, he only could get half of the pot. So I take about 2000 back, and in the end, won about 200. Better than nothing.

I lose with Trip 6s to a flush that he hits on the river, after I put him all in on the turn. Guy had top pair, flush kicker. Took about 1000 or so from me. Whoops!

34 minutes into the game, and I'm at 7000, 11th out of 98.

AJ in mid position. What to do? Call. No betters before me. Only me, BB and SB. Flop is KQx. Both check to me. I raise 400 into a 600 pot, and take it down. Standard move, really.

In two hands in EP, I force myself to fold Ax hands. Hey, they are just Ax, but damn do they look good. Patience...its more than just a Guns & Roses song. Nowatamean?

66 on the button. Time to steal some blinds. Raise so one guy has no choice but fold or all in. He chooses all in, with JT suited. He then hits a full house, Js over Ts. Why hath you forsaken me?

Showed a successful bluff to the table. Started chatting a bit. Time to set them up. And then it happens. A-10 UTG. Limp. Flop is AA4. Wha? The SB goes all in. WHA? I call. He has 33, and gift wraps his 1700 chips for me.

AA on the button. 2000 raise before me. Call. 396 rainbow. He's all in which puts me all in. He has 55. And I DOUBLE UP.

15,500 chips, after 48 min. 2nd out of 67.

Going to relax and slow it down for a bit. This waiting stuff is tough...Sure is quiet. Its easy to fold all the T6 hands I'm getting...or 37. Whoop-dee-doo! Patience.

Damn. Lost some chips, thanks to some stupid calls. Now they moved my table. Lare (short form of his name, for anonymity of course), is the chip leader by far with 48000. Two other players have me slightly covered. The game just changed.

12800 after 60 min. 10 out of 41. Break in progress.

And I took myself out of the game. Went against the chip leader. Flopped the nut flush and straight draw and chased them over the edge. 32 doesn't pay, so I get NOTHING. Whoops!

That may've been an error on my part at the end. But I knew that if I hit, I would be in position to take it all. As it turns out, I didn't hit. But, for a free tourney, I got my fill. Woulda been nice to have taken it though...

To make matters worse, I lost a $20 Multitable tournament on Full Tilt that same night. I usually don't play these MTTs because the cost is high for my bankroll and the chance of winning is low. But I was in a MTT mood. My FT bankroll is now $113, which means that on my initial deposit, I'm up $13, but in reality, with $20 received as a bonus, I'm down $7. Don't matter to me though. The 1/2 Limit game may be my new hangout, since it has paid well recently. I've also noticed that changing my game every few weeks helps my luck out. I have no idea why, but I do better when playing games I haven't played recently. Maybe it's because it perks me up and I pay more attention. Tomorrow (Saturday), I plan on playing a lot in the afternoon from my parents' home on LI. I'm heading home tonight to hang with fiance Kim who has to have a dress fitted and then visit her fresh-from-the-hospital mother-in-law. I think a little change of scenery will be good too.

Thanks for reading. Poker on!

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