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Taking a Shot

I've been thinking about 2 things lately. One is Joaquin's assault (and I mean it in a nice way) on my conservative outlook and goals. The other is the sign in the Harrah's hotel, announcing the WSOP Circuit Events in February. And I've come to a decision.

Joaquin is right! I need to up my game, damnit. I need to take some money and go for the glory.

The WSOP Circuit event's cheapest event (aside from the Ladies Only) is $500+60. I do not have this money. Plain and simple. But I will do my damnedest to earn it. In fact, I might take all of my earnings from referrals and whatnot and use it for that buy-in.

Unfortunately, February will be too soon. But maybe I could do it at the end of the year. If next year's schedule is anything like this years' (they run from the WSOP to the next WSOP), the WSOP should be in AC again at the Showboat in November/December. That will give me at least 11 months, and that should be just about all the time I need.

There you go, Joaq. You've inspired me. Now, get on that AC mini-bloggers convention, damnit!

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At 9:57 PM, Anonymous DP said...

90% of the field walks away with 0 in tournaments.

Take a shot in a live NL cash game... like the 2-5 $500 NL game at Foxwoods (or Atlantic City). Play tight aggressive (read: Don't play J7 soooted) and you'll have a good chance at making some significant money.

I like your idea of taking a shot, but I think it's better to take a shot in a cash game, to ensure a much greater chance of success. Remember, MTTs are brutal when it comes to variance.

With that said, I know you're capable of winning the $500+60 WSOP Circuit event. It's just a matter of what you want to do.

At 12:58 PM, Anonymous joaquin ochoa said...

Yeah, I was going to say the 500 N/L game would be a nice step up for you...just gulp and grab the rocks when you go all in.

At 8:58 PM, Anonymous A-K bones me A-Gain said...

The $500 WSOP circuit event sounds brutal ... start with only 1,500 in chips ... OK, i guess 25-25 blinds for 50 mins makes up for it, who knows ... u can sit there for hours and play 2 hands .... here's my question: why bother with smaller buy-ins when they don;'t even start u with enough chips to gamble with?? lose one hand and you're out or on the hot seat already ....


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