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WOW!!! What a day!!! I've got lots of exciting announcements. Let's start from the top!

The Donkeys Always Draw Invitational was a HUGE success. To keep things interesting, be on the lookout for the 2nd event, The Donkeys Always Draw Special Omalypics. The game will be Omaha H/L, with a $10 buy-in. Tentative date (emphasis on tentative) is Wednesday, January 11, 2006!

Looking for more Pokery Goodness? Well great! Play with me in the ESPN Fantasy Poker League. You get 30 credits to buy up to 7 players. I don't know much more than that, but I've started my own private game titled Donkeys Always Draw. Join up! I'm going to do things slightly differently. Let's do a $10 bet. If you want in on the action, leave me a comment with your email address OR send me an email at Depoending on how many players we have, we'll work out a prize pool. For this reason, I am leaving the password under wraps. Contact me and I'll give it to you.

My roster includes: Chris Ferguson, John Juanda, Antonio Esfandiari, Jennifer Harman, Fossil-man, David Williams, and Dutch Boyd. I know Boyd is a Looooooooooooong Shot, but I'll give him a go anyway. I'm not too happy with my picks overall, but they'll do for now. Damn, I forgot. I need to add Johnny Fucking Chan. Back to the drawing board!

If things get going, we can even set up some prizes for the winner! Maybe have everyone toss in $10. If we do this, we'll arrange payment of the $10 immediately, as opposed to how I ran the HUC2.

On that subject, Trauma Poker won HUC2! Trauma, as many may recall, first got noticed (by me, anyway) when he was involved in a controversy with TripJax. Trauma was talking smack, so when I invited him into the HUC2, I didn't realize he was who he was. I was concerned that the controversy would cause problems, but I like to be inclusive rather than exclusive. I was also hoping to knock him out of the first round, but that clearly didn't happen. But, Trauma, you proved yourself, not that you had anything to prove. And the rest of the contestants, including Trip, proved themselves also by not believing the hype. People talk smack in this world we call Pokeronia. And even Jesus smack talked! "You Pontius Pilate, you one straight trippin' bitch!" It's in the Bible people. The Bible!

That's it for now. Join me in the ESPN Fantasy Poker League. Also, I have to thank Matt on Poker for turning me onto this.

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At 3:39 PM, Anonymous NSC_cmphhfs-fyu=0a1401a90050 said...

Finally!!! A winner for HUC II. Thought I would never see the day.

Thanks Jordan for making all these fun events! I enjoy them all. And as for the smack talk..hope it never


At 3:58 PM, Anonymous kipper said...

damn firewall is blocking ESPN what the fuck is up with that. So i cannot signup till I get home. Shit now I got to remember something.


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