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Free Money

Free money down the drain. Maybe you fucktards are right. Last night I finished my PSO promotion through Gaming Club. I am now trying to withdraw that money, which has been slightly more than difficult.

In the meanwhile, I decided to work on my free money at Royal Vegas. Not heeding my readers' advice, I stuck with 2/4, under the misguided belief that my bankroll at Royal, $79, could take it. 20 BBs lost later and I've busted out. Ouch! I was sitting to the immediate right to a Luckbox of Biblical proportions. I decided to play it loose and follow up if I hit the board, which would be a great strategy given his decision making. However, it was a terrible decision given his inordinate amount of luck. I mean, dude calls me down with J4 every street. I hit 2 pair on the river which gives him a baby straight! That was the last hand I played. It'll probably be the last hand I play there for a while.

So, now what? I'm going to try some SNGs to see if that helps the bankroll. I'm also considering doing the final VPP promotion that I am eligible for, Poker Time. I'm hesitant because I may want to first work off some of my dormant Titan Poker bonus. I've always done well there and I may want to focus on Rio SnGs, which are 6-person $20 stakes, with 3 out of 6 places paying. Folks, I can't say it enough. Check out VPP. Not only are the free stuff, like gift certificates and DVDs, awesome, but the people who work there are solid upstanding people. That and their bonuses are easier to earn than PSO. There really is no reason not to check it out.

I'm working on getting a new poker site to offer a private freeroll for HighOnPoker readers. Of course, if/once that is finalized I'll publicize it and encourage all bloggers to spread the word. After all, it isn't about keeping it small and tight, but including as many people as possible in an environment where online poker meets the socialness of live poker. Live poker with a bunch of sarcastic, smack talking buddies.

I have to go concentrate on my SNG now. It's about time I stop losing. This shit is getting played out.

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At 1:54 PM, Anonymous Veneno said...

Hey Jordan,

I know it is soooo boring to grind it at the lower limits. But try. It can still be fun. I'll join ya if you need some entertaining to keep you from going crazy!

Best of luck to you!

Happy New Year....

At 2:41 PM, Anonymous mike pokeretti said...

You can come and hustle all the players at :) free rolls & free prizes :P oh and no money out of pocket.

btw, thank god you picked KONG..broke back mountain was like watching your grandparents do it.. not a pretty sight.

damn girlfriend dragged me in there.. I had my eyes closed the whole time.. i swear.


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