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On Quitting

Two posts in two hours? Yeah, I know. But this is something I'd like to write about. Here goes:

Daddy has packed up Snailtrax. The rumors were going about a month ago, but it seemed like he decided to stick it out. I linked to him very recently and when I followed the link, everything was different. Apparently a porn site took over his URL.

The today DoubleAs put up a post about wanting to quit his blog. I could tell that DoubleAs' postings have changed. I didn't realize that he was holding back stuff for his book, but that is apparently part of the cause. The other cause seems to be boredom.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Blogs are like literary masterbation. There really is no purpose other than self gratification. I don't get paid, per se, for this. Okay, I have been making a little from ads and referrals, but it is definitely more a drop in a bucket then a rainstorm.

I don't get any accolades really for this either, aside from some readers comments and the occassional compliment.

So what the hell do I get from this stinkin' blog? Honestly, I don't know. I was thinking about an odd subject yesteday. What if one of the bloggers I knew suddenly passed away? Would I mourn them? I would, but it may even turn me off of the whole blogging thing. Surely, there are better ways to spend me time.

Well, this is just musing. High On Poker isn't going anywhere. It's my way to play poker when I am not able to play poker. I guess that is what it is most of all.

Double, don't quit. Just take a break. Take it easy. Don't post for 2 months if that is what it takes. But don't draw that line in the sand that says, it's over. Because, buddy, lemme tell you, blogs are literary masterbation, but even when you shack up with the hottest chick in town, sometime you just need a quick release.

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At 11:15 AM, Anonymous kaellinn18 said...

I don't know about you, Jordan, but I blog mostly for myself. Of course, I love being a part of the community, but I like to write. Also, I like having a history of my play and time spent with friends, kind of like a journal everyone can read. It's also good for sparking conversations and coordinating stuff with people. DADI and the WWdN games would never have come about if it weren't for blogs, and online poker would not be nearly as fun!

At 11:18 AM, Anonymous TripJax said...

It's one thing to have your site hijacked like what happened to TenMile and Daddy. It's another to just quick.

It happens, and will happen to most of us eventually, but if DoubleAs quits we're losing a top tier mind in this field of thought we are in. I sure hope that doesn't happen. I just finished reading his first year of posts last month and I hope I get to read many more months going forward. We'll see.

I'm cool with Jan 11th for the DADI Omatard event...hook me up with the drawing when you are done so we can advertise it. I'll probably put it in my sidebar so it will be there up until the date of the tourney...

At 11:19 AM, Anonymous TripJax said...

That was supposed to be...It's another to just quit.

At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Jordan from HighOnPoker said...

Did Daddy's blog get hijacked? I didn't know. And what happened to Ten Mile?

At 11:32 AM, Anonymous GaryC said...

TenMile's site got hi-jacked a month or so ago and he had to start a new one. I think he was able to retrieve all of his old posts and such, but lost the blog title, thus the change to sippinwhiskeyandpoker.blogspot.

Yes, DoubleAs will certainly be missed. I would say that I've learned more by reading his archives than possibly any other blogger. He will be missed if he does indeed decide to quit. I'm sure we will all face that decision sooner or later. Here's to hoping it is much later.

Omatards rule!


At 4:37 PM, Anonymous kaellinn18 said...

Hey, Jordan. You can find me on Yahoo messenger under kaellinn18. There are a few of us in the WWdN circuit who have formed a yahoo group as well. Hit up if you want to join. Dave will approve pretty much anyone who wants to be in. As for where I play, I only play on PokerStars. I'll be out of town this weekend, but definitely hit me up next week for some games. Have a happy new year!


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