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Broke-ass Mountain

Yesterday, wifey Kim, pal Platinum, his chick Maia and I headed to the movies for a matinee. Wifey Kim and Maia insisted on seeing Brokeback Mountain. Plat insisted on seeing Kong. Tough choice, right? I went with Kong, while the ladies enjoyed some man-on-man action.

The thing about Kong is, it's really 2 movies. One of them is great and the other one sucks. They push them in together and you have 3 hours of tediousness. So, to Mr. Jackson I say this, You, Sir, are a fine master of special effects. BUT, you need to work on your editing skills. Oh, and the Lord of the Rings movies all suck. Don't believe the hype!

So, Broke-ass Mountain...hmmm. That's because my bankroll is on life support. I had two bad days, with $50+ and $80 in losses. That isn't good for a bankroll under $400. Er, actually, it isn't good for my current bankroll, which is somewhere around $230...after depositing an additional $50 last night. Not. good.

I try to tell myself that I haven't deposited money since early 2006. AND I recently withdrew about $150, which would be very nice to still have in my bankroll. However, the bottom line is that I need to start playing within my bankroll and re-evaluate my play. So, for that reason, I will be concentrating on $5 SNGs, limit games according to the Limit Challenge, and micro no limit games with blinds at or lower than .10/.25 and stacks of about $10. It'll suck going down in stakes, but it is definitely the right move. The bottom line is, online poker used to be a blackhole for $$, but things have changed. I was playing profitable poker and able to move up in stakes. But I can't continue playing at the higher stakes when the bankroll is hurting.

My other goal right now is to sit down with my 2005 calendar, on which I write every win and loss (excluding online wins and losses, other than deposits and withdrawals), and see if there is anything intelligible to learn.

The DADI Special Omalympics are coming up, and I would like to add that it WILL be Omaha 8b. Anything else would be uncivilized.

It wasn't the Bullets; it was variance that killed the beast.

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At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Ingoal said...

Sorry to hear that you bankroll is hurting, but I guess you already made the right choice (move down in stakes), so nothing more than to wish you good luck in getting your roll going again.

As for the Omalympics: 8b?! Yeeeeah! As I mentioned in my comment on your initial post about the Omalympcis I'm a strictly 8b Omaha player as I haven't played a single (normal) Omaha hand, yet. So this is really great news and I look forward to it even more now...where's my A-A-2-3 with a A-A-4-5-x board, lol ;-)

At 10:29 AM, Anonymous Veneno said...

** + * + *** + * + ** + *** + **....Here's some lucky dust for ya Jordan.

At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Jestocost said...

I hear ya on the bankroll side of things. I've bled off about 2/3 of what I had online in October. About a third of it evaporated through "taking a shot" at higher limits/buyins, a third through a run of poor play and the rest (most recently) through being on the ass end of variance. I can deal with the latter two better than the first.

For now, that means mostly $5-$10 SNGs, $.05/$.10 NLHE tables and experimenting with some micro limit HE, Omaha and Stud play. MTTs will be limited to $1-$5 buy-in events until things turn around a bit too.

I do have another chunk of $ to put into play, but at this point it's earmarked for some live play in Vegas next month. I'll have that amount (and hopefully some winnings) to pump the online bankroll back up and maybe to seed a standing live play bankroll.

I'll look for you on Stars.


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