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I Need AceHud Help

Okay. So I decide that PokerTracker is a good idea. I already got a free copy from PSO. The only thing is, I can't get PokerAce HUD to work. I need some help people. I'm not an e-tard, but for some reason I can't wrap my head around this.

So, how do I get the HUD to show up on PokerStars in NLHE SNGs? I need someone to walk me through this. You'll be doing me a great service.

posted by Jordan @ 2:37 PM,


At 3:52 PM, Anonymous willwonka said...

Have you set up the location for PAH in the options.. What version are you using. I believe there was some Stars issues going on. Check out the forum below.

Otherwise.. goto their support forum.. Josh is usually pretty quick on his responses... you could also search the forum..

The web address is:


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