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What's the Point?

My third or fourth home game in a row was cancelled. Regardless of the several people asking me to host a game, and the twenty or so people I invited, I could not fill a table of six. Utterly pathetic.

My Full Tilt bankroll is now $15, AFTER recieving my third $10 bonus.

I was invited to a poker game via Dr. Pauly, but I may have to miss it due to a cousin's 40th birthday and (much deserved) loyalty to fiance Kim. As stupid as it sounds, I cannot think of leaving her on a Saturday night to play poker with virtual strangers. That said, I am really sore about this situation, since Pauly was nice enough to get me invited, and this would likely be one of my few (if not only) chance to meet the man that got me into blogging before he moves to Vegas.

What's the point? I don't plan on arranging any future games, but then again, I am willing to host them. My FT bankroll is so pathetic that I am tempted to just put it all at one NLHE table. My prospects to play poker in the future have dwindled away to nothing.

I guess that kind of sucks. But I have to keep things in perspective. I have my health, even though I haven't gone to the gym in two to three weeks (which will change, The weather is beautiful. I've got a wonderful fiance and a great job.

"Stop bitching," I tell myself. "Stop bitching and man up." That is all there is to it. Boohoohoo! No poker! I think I'm over it.

Rouss always jokes that I am moderate to high on the poker addiction scale (after originally being securely low-moderate). Well, I do feel a bit closer to high, as I am aching for some action. But perception is everything. I think my FT losses are due to my rush for action, so a breather is probably very necessary. So, good pokering to all you out there. I'm going to sit back, relax, and kick into low-moderate.

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