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Full Tilt Indeed

Last night, I took a savage beating at the hands of Full Tilt. My bankroll is now at about $45. I had a tough night dealing with further Time Warner Cable issues and wholey unrelated computer issues, as well. Generally, these things drive me nuts, and last night was no exception. After giving up, I sat at a couple of NL and Limit tables on Full Tilt and gave away my money. I hit fold on at least one occassion when I mean to hit call.

I made some horrible calls as well, including calling a $20-30 all-in with two pair. I held 58o in one of the blinds. Two other players were in the hand. The flop was T52. I called a small bet of .50-1. The turn was a 5. I believe I raised. One guy called. The next guy (who I think was the original better) went all in. I thought I was good with my two pair, assuming he had a straight top pair, top kicker (A 10). So, I called the major re-raise. The guy after me called as well. What a pot! I, of course, had two pair, 5s and 8s. The guy after me had two pair, 2s and 8s. The bettor had two pair, 10s and 8s.

It reminded me of a hand at Ruff's game a while ago in which I made a straight on the flop with 84 in my hand and 567 on the flop. Hole went all in for a small $2-5. I reraised all in with abut $20 total. Ruff called. Hole had the small straight (34/567). I had the mid straight (4/567/8). Ruff had...the nut straight (567/89). At least on that occassion, I felt it. But this time, I had no idea. Lately, I've found it tough to fold to a large raise when I have a decent hand. I still do it, but part of me usually believes there is a good chance that the bettor does not have as strong of a hand as he/she wanted. Otherwise, they'd bet small and hope to get more callers.

I have a home game scheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully, we can fill a table, since as of writing this, we only have 5 definites. Go figure, D-Root and Slacker, the two guys who suggested I throw a game, cannot make it. What a kick in the sack!

Hey WPBT! Can we get a tournament that isn't for the WSOP? I understand why they've been for the WSOP, but I am damn anxious to play in one of their tournaments, but I can't go to the WSOP.

Shout out to Dr. Pauly. Gentleman Pauly was kind enough to get me invited to a game Saturday. I'd love to go, and will do whatever I can to get there and meet the Doctor himself. But unfortunately, one of my 821 cousins are having a surprise 40th birthday party on Long Island, and my ma wasn't too happy when I suggested that the surprise should be me not showing up. To make it worse, I should spend that evening with fiance Kim. I just can't see myself realistically making her go to one of my family functions and then telling her to piss off while I play poker with my blogger buddies. Well, actually I did tell her, but in such a way that it is not definite. On top of all of this, on Sunday fiance Kim and I are going to her godfather's tombstone unveiling, so ideally we'd like to be in the same place Sunday morning.

Felicity Huffman's character on Desperate Housewives once said, "Half of life is obligations." More like 3/4 lately. And, yes, I watch Desperate Housewives. If you haven't caught on yet, I watch a lot of crappy television.

Final thought: Should I get Poker Tracker. It is software that keeps track of your and your opponents' plays and stats. I hear it is useful, but part of me feels as though it is almost un-poker-ish to use technology in that way. Part of me also does not want to deal with the hassle of using new software. I guess I should get it though, because my abacus is not too handy when faced with tough decisions. Poker a day, keeps Gam Anon away.

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