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Hey all. First lets start with a reminder. DADI 5: WSOP Satellite is coming, and there is a shit load of prizes going to some of the players that get close but don't win a seat. For more details, go to We've gotten donations from Poker Source Online, and, as well as some extras and an "endorsement" from Wil Wheaton. So check it out!

Nothing much happening in the land of Jordan. I had Passover Seder last night at my family's house. For you non-Jews, its a holiday celebrating when Moses freed the Jews from the Pharaoh's tyrranical rule and fled into the desert for 40 years. Part of the tradition is to not eat any levened bread (i.e., any items made with yeast) for 8 days or so. Now, I was bar mitzvahed and all of that, but following the bar mitzvah, I have really moved away from the religion. It's nothing specific. I'm just a man of leisure and logic, and organized religion does not connect with either of those things very well. Mind you, I don't begrudge anyone thier organized religion, which overall can be a very positive influence on most people. The point is, I don't think I've ever kept the no-bread thing, and I didn't plan on starting now.

At the High on Poker family Jewish holidays, Mama High usually cooks up all sorts of great things, but noticably absent were the good stuff: ziti, cornbread, kugel, etc. I was a bit miffed, but I knew what to expect and I respect my religion, even if I don't follow it, erm, religiously. So, breadless dinner it was. But then I noticed desert. Cakes, chocolate covered pretzels, and pies. Bread, bread and bread. Funny how we selectively sin.

Speaking of selective sin, I won a Rio last night. That's a good thing, because I lost one the night before. Hey, it happens! The table I lost was the tightest Rio I've ever played, with all 6 players lasting until the 50/100 level. I believe I went out in 5th when someone called my all-in with a flush draw. No complaints though. There is always some variance. Luckily for me, I got up and stopped playing immediately after the loss. It was for 2 reasons, mostly. First, it was late. Second, and more importantly, when I lose an SNG (especially Rios) I feel more likely to lose the next one. I don't know what that is all about, but its good that I'm aware of it.

Interesting thing happened. Omaha hi/lo is still not the cash cow it once was (for a period of 6 hrs, apparently, only). But I've been playing smart enough not to bleed to much in dough. The bottom line was that I was initially on a rush. The rush has ended so I'm back to waiting for good cards. A couple of minor losing sessions are no big deal, so I'm not concerned. The interesting thing occured two days ago, though. I started up 2 Omaha hi/lo games, but I had this weird feeling that I should be playing 1/2 Limit. No, in general, I had moved up to 2/4 limit, but I specifically felt like 1/2 would be a money maker for me. Well, after a while, I switched it up, down less than $20 from Omaha, and ready to make some 1/2 money. Sure enough, I ended up over $25 at 1/2.

So, here is what I find interesting. I first started playing Omaha h/l a couple of days ago on a hunch. Now its 1/2 Limit on a hunch. Its almost as though I can feel what I am primed to play. The games require different thought processes and skill sets (with obvious overlaps). I have to pay more attention in the future to my "feelings" to see where I'll end up. I guess that is why bonus chasing can be (and at times, has been) detrimental to my game at times. I'm playing for bonuses with one goal in mind, the bonus. I don't think about what I am in the mood to play. Fortunately, Noble poker lets me earn points on SNGs, MTTs, and ring games, so no matter what I play, I'm earning my bonus.

I think that is all for me right now. I've been very busy at work and home, so bear with me. I want to make a shout out to Dr. Pauly, who seems to be at the beginning of the end of his blog. I can understand where he is coming from. This whole blogging thing at times reminds me of my fraternity from college. The new guys start off unsure, then make their bones and go buck wild with the concept. They eventually get into the fraternity life groove, only to eventually get burnt out on the lifestyle. By the end of senior year, they are already mentally checking out of the fraternity because "real life" beckons, and the fraternity has become full of new kids eager and fresh. It almost seems like it was never yours in the first place, and it sure as hell isn't yours anymore. Now, I'm not saying that this is what Pauly is going through, but it sounds kinda like it. A little bit of burn out and soul searching. If it wasn't for Pauly, there'd be no High on Poker, so I thank him again, and wish him the best of luck. Just remember, Pauly, no matter what you decide, you are still a brother.

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I've been looking forward to DADI 5 since you guys first announced it. I will definitely be there!


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