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Crossed Queens

As Eddie Murphy and Danny Bonaduce can attest, you don't want to come across a Crossed Queen. She's likely to take you money, rough you up, and leave you with a bad story to tell the cops.

That was my evening, yesterday. I was minding my own business keeping to good cards in my $10 45-person SNG and $10 6-person SNG, when a cross Queen fell into my hands and saw me for the sucker I am. Take a look at these hands and marvel at how stupid I was, or how cruel fate was.

I am playing tight in a 45-person SNG on Stars. We are down to about 27 players and I have about my starting stack. I've been very patient so far, but the table has been pretty loose, as in terrible loose, as in terrible players playing terribly loose. In the BB, I am dealt Q6o. There are a couple of limpers, so I check. The flop is Q high. I believe that I bet about the pot, which is rather small. One player in late position calls. The next card is a blank. I make about a pot-sized bet and get called. The river is a blank. I check. He pushes all-in. I think for a minute and decide that it is a ridiculous move for him to push. He must think that I am weak with my check and is trying to win with an under pair or mid pair. I call. He has AA. Who woulda thunk!? I chalk this one up to bad timing and a well played hand on his part. G said that he slowplayed me perfectly. To me, it wasn't the slowplay that did it. It was the all-in. He was a big stack and it seemed like a blatant bluff. Well played sir!

I took a steam break. When I returned, G and I jumped into a 6-person SNG on Full Tilt. Yeah. Well, its down to 3. One guy has 5000+ in chips. Another guy has about 400 in front of him. I have 1500 or so. I have Q8o in the BB. The chip leader decides to min-raise. I call. The flop is Q high. Sweet! It is checked to me. I bet the pot. He minimum raises. Now, I'm no fool. I remember what happened last time, so I just call. I think I might be ahead, but I'm scared of the over-pair or being out-kicked. The turn is an 8, making my two-pair. I bet small, hoping for a re-raise. He pushes all-in. I decide that I'm ahead and call. He has AQ, for TPTK. I got lucky on the turn. The river though, Ace. His two-pair beat mine and I bubble out of a tourney that was pretty much a lock if I sit back and wait.

Now, I will take the blame for the first one. But remember that the top pair was gifted to me by the blinds, and that all-in raise on the river really mind-f'ed me. But I will take the blame regardless.

The second hand, though? I bet and made a wise call, hoping to improve. If I don't improve with the 8, I slow down or fold to any significant raise. I certainly don't allow myself to go all-in on the bubble. I hit the 8 and get him to push me all-in, which was ideal. I thought I was ahead and I was right. Then he hits one of his 3 outs and I'm the fool. My 8 was a three-outter, too. I don't deny that. But I rather miss my 3 outs if this was what was going to happen.

Down another $22. I think tonight I'll skip poker all together. Maybe a day off will help.

Thank you for signing up for VPP. I had a couple of new signups lately. You people will hopefully keep me from busting out entirely. So, consider it your good deed of the day. If you are signing up via VPP, I highly encourage you to do the Royal Vegas or PokerTime promotions. They are easy to clear. And if you feel like throwing a little more love my way, feel free to mention my name on the Royal Vegas site when they asked who referred you. It's HighOnPoker. I have terrible luck clearing those referral bonuses. I'm 0 for 2. But hell, at least it doesn't feel like real losing, even though I play with my all.

Sign up for DADIII, people! We currently have 17 players signed up and it's a great crowd. I almost hope that we keep this one low in numbers, but that hope is subordinate to my desire to hang with as many blogger/readers as possible. Spread the word. I thank those who already have. I'm considering putting bounties on other people. I just need to figure out what I am giving. The who is pretty clear in my head though.

Thanks for reading. I'll be the guy bleeding the chips at the table!

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At 10:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont get slowplaying a weak ass hand like AA. I would have at LEAST raised you on the flop. Yeah, I would not have busted you, but a 6 comes on the turn or river and my AA is toast. I think it happens alot too. Only exception might be if I have a HUGE chip lead so that losing a bunch of chips would not effect me. I hate slowplaying aces.

At 1:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a basically even field, people who limp AA should die a horrible death.

At 2:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, but did I mess up, or was I just fate's bitch? It's the question of the hour.


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