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posted by Jordan @ 8:59 AM,


At 11:07 AM, Anonymous Karol said...

What is this?

At 5:18 PM, Anonymous Jordan from HighOnPoker said...

I'm glad you asked! A while ago, I wanted to play in one of the blogger tourneys, but I could never make them because of timing issues. So I threw out the idea to play an SNG with bloggers. TripJax is a Stars affiliate so he can make private tourneys. We set up the first Donkeys Always Draw Invitational, which was a NLHE MTT. We expected maybe 20 people. We got 62. A little while later we did another one that was Omaha 8b and had over 40 players. Now we are doing a Heads Up format. You should play and announce it to your readers. Feel free to use the pic or the one on the side. If it wasn't for other bloggers getting in on it, the other ones wouldn't have been such a success. AlCantHang particularly helped a lot to get people to show up. We also encourage people to put up bounties, for the hell of it. I still am deciding about my current one. The first time, I gave the winner (Change 100) 2 decks of Copag cards.

Trip and I get nothing for these tourneys. We set them up solely so we can play with bloggers/readers. No kick backs, nothing. If you don't have an account though, consider signing up through the banner on


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