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Where Is Everybody?

It's 11:40pm and barely anyone is online. Good thing I had Waffles keeping me company. He was two-tabling some SNGs. I was playing a turbo SNG on Stars. Lemme tell you, we were up to 100/200 blinds with 25 ante and there were still 7 players in. I was in 3rd place AND STILL a short stack. The deathblow came when my AJh went against AJs...he hit his flush. The next hand I was all in as the BB with AJo against KK. Criminy! At least I feel like I played well. I played uber tight and my one losing hand was pretty unreal. I mean, it happens, but I can't fault myself for that play. I pushed all-in UTG in 3rd place knowing that everyone was short and people would push in with Ax or even KJ. I had to make a move somewhere. Hmmph.

I played a little on PokerRoom earlier tonight with Robbie Hole. Poor Hole has a Mac, so he's relegated to PR. He checked out Full Tilt, but he couldn't find out how to deposit with Insta-Cash. I just smiled and nodded.

I reviewed my numbers for last year, and discovered....nothing. I mean, I had a great November and December. I guess that is something, since meanwhile I was losing my stack online. For all new readers, I only consider an online win a REAL win (for my ledger) when I withdraw. So, as far as I'm concerned, I only have $50 or so online in Real money. Any time I deposit real money to an online site, I consider it a loss immediately.

For the year so far, I'm down $50. Haha! That's because of an online deposit. No live poker yet. But that'll change on Thursday when I play at Robbie Hole's house of poker and odd smelling smoke. It's the slowest game around, but it's a good time nonetheless.

I can't wait to get back to Genoa, the illegal poker room. But that doesn't look likely until next week.

Pimp that DADI people. We have 17 players, so we are okay either way, but I'd like to see some more folks playing if possible. If you are on Yahoo IM look me up during the event tomorrow. HighOnPokr. Leave off the last E for +EV!

That is all. Time for bed.

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At 12:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'd play the DADI except thats 9pm US imperialist time, and I'm in sunny rest-of-the-world :(

At 9:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice try, huma. We all know that the rest of the world hasn't been sunny since 1981, when imperialist America colonized the sun. Take that you fascist commie bastard.

At 10:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jordan..

A little scarey..but my husband volunteered to play for me until I get home in the DASI. So I am registered. Also, Peacecorn is registered but may or may not make it. If she plays, we have 2 of our team for a last longer. We want one more woman on our team. Know anyone? Do you think Mow would be interested? If so, set us up. Again, if peacecorn doesn't play forget it. Oh and Mr. V, unlike me, does know how to play Omaha. Please welcome him. Be nice for him to see why I enjoy you guys so much.


At 11:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have a problem, V. My team is on a budget and we are already set for the game. But, I would be glad to do a heads-up last longer OR maybe Sir Waffle and I can team up v. You and PeaceCorn. I'll have to check with the Waffle maker, but who knows.


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