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We currently have 14 people signed up for the DADI Special Omalympics, and I'm hoping to get 21 more. Spread the word people! No matter what though, 14 is a good amount. I'd be glad if we hit 20. Looks like it'll happen too.

Team Last Longer Bets have been made. It's the Trick DADIs (TripJax, GCox and myself) against (what we've dubbed...erroneously) the Specialists (Surflexus, Sharkness and Mowenumdown). There is also Trick DADIs v. the Drizz All-Stars (Drizz, Trauma Poker, and Daddy). Should be interesting. These are way to many links. Go to the sidebar, damnit!

I'm sorry to do this, but I am removing my bounty. I originally offered a playing cards lighter, but upon review, the thing is a piece of junk. It won't even be worth the cost of mailing it.

That said, I recently mailed 2 bounties out. One was a card protector, which I mailed to Veneno for a HU win from about 20 years ago (or so it seems). Sorry about the delay, V. I'll be expecting my dealer button now... The other was the 2 decks of Copag cards to Change100, winner of the inaugural Donkeys Always Draw Invitational. It only took me 2 weeks to get to Fedex! I amaze me!

Why did I schedule the DADI SO on the same night as Lost finally returns to TV? Thank god for DVR. Of course, that is the same DVR that allows me (read: wifey Kim) to watch Live with Regis & Kelly after work. Somebody buy that bitch a sandwich! I kid, I kid. She's actually kinda hot when wearing clothes. But have you seen her in those US Weekly-type rags in a bathing suit. I shudder just thinking of it. I mean, Jebus, she's got an outty belly button only because there is no room for an inny!

Ok, enough of that stuff. Poker. Last night I found DNasty and TripJax online and decided to con them into joining me for an 18-person, $10+1 Pokerstars NLHE SNG. I was the 2nd person out of the tournament when my 56 (in the BB) hit a 553 board. I bet 100 (with about 5-6 people in the pot. One person calls in late position. The SB raises to 200 total. I raise it to 400 total. He raises something and I push. I was watching him and he had been playing fast and loose. Not this time though. He held A5 and I go packing. Trip was having connection problems and STILL made it further than me. No surprise there though. A corpse could've made it further. DNasty took the whole thing down. That' s me boy! It was good seeing the guy. He and Steeler have been MIA lately. Steeler is supposedly working his ass off. That's no way to live.

After losing the SNG, I fired up the new site and played some. I've noticed that they do lack traffic, AND they seem to have more higher stakes profit than micro. I started with some .50/1 limit 7-card Stud. I wanted to play 5-card draw, but no one was there. The Stud went well. I was smacked in the face with the deck...sorta. I mean, 2-pair is good and all, but it's great when people are paying you off. What the hell could they have had? Probably a weaker 2-pair, but I also have a feeling these calling stations were confident with their pair of tens.

After winning about $20 at 7-card Stud, I took that profit to a full .12/.25 NL Hold'em table, determined to build it up a bit faster and/or lose it all. I was dealt an AQ and limped. A player raised it to $1 (.75 raise) and I called, along with 5 other players. The flop was Q high, with no flush possiblities. I bet out in EP $3 or $4 and took it down. I got dealt 77 later and called a pre-flop bet to $1. The flop was AQ7, with no flush possibility. I bet $2 and got 2 callers. The turn was a K, also bringing a spade flush draw. I bet $4 and got called by both players. The river was an offsuit 3 and I bet $6. They both folded. I can only guess what these jabrones had. I was dealt QQ and there were a shite load of limpers so I raised it to $3.25. The guy to my left pushes for $5.50 total. Everyone folds and I call. He had A2 and hit his Ace on the flop. In a later hand against the same guy, he raises a meager amount pre-flop and I call along with 3 others with AcJc. The flop is 8TT. We all check but he raises all-in for $8. It seemed like a steal and I knew he liked those naked Aces. I called. He had 99. Play the player. I still don't mind this call by me.

One guy was bitching and moaning every hand. In that A2 v. QQ hand he barked, "Fuck, I had A5!" Then for every other hand it seemed like, "I had the K!" "I had the 4!" Well big fucking whoop! Interesting thing about the new, as yet undisclosed site...Cursing is allowed. So, I typed, "Big fucking deal!" Abuse those privileges people. I kept goading him on and then this hand happened. I was dealt 22 on the button. The flop was 672. He pushed all-in for $6. I thought about pushing but instead I called, hoping that the other player would call too. He did, leaving himself with $4.50. (Fool.) Of course, I checked the next card and he pushed. I called and took down the pot.

When I left the NL table I was up $30 overall ($20 from Stud, $10 from NLHE). I stopped playing to enjoy some time with wifey Kim. I went back on later and watched D win the tourney. I also got into a conversation with Waffle about our games and bankrolls and such. One thing about Waffle, he's one showboating sonuvabitch. But underneath all that, there is a solid guy. His advice to me regarding my game was that I needed to avoid getting trapped. I'm aggressive and when I start betting (even on a bluff) I keep betting. My advice to Waffle is to pay close attention to your bankroll and find a different, non-gambling game to play when you start to lose and tilt. I think sometimes our brains just need that competition and challenge, tilt or no tilt. The non-gambling game is the methodone to our heroine poker.

Be good people. Be good.

Poker had robbed Renton of his sex drive, but now it returned with a vengeance. And as the pot odds of those days faded into memory, grim desperation took hold of his sex-crazed mind. His post-tilt libido, fuelled by alcohol and amphetamine, taunted him remorselessly with his own unsatisfied desire.

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At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should have at least 15, since I do plan on playing (barring any unforeseen circumstances). See you there.

At 10:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your button will be sent soon. 2 weeks for Change100? So you get amazing for her? I feel cheated. Who is this Renton? Must meet him! Not sure I can make it tomorrow, I may be a work slave tomorrow. Only way I can do it is leaving work early and it is not looking good. Boo hoo....I will do my best however.


At 2:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck in the tourney tomorrow :)

At 3:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The DADISO will be missed by myself. Which is disappointing as I've learned it's actually played with FOUR hole cards and since finding an article at, I was a cinch to bubble!

Other obligations have been thrusted upon me, and not in a Kennedy/Biden way. The Sheridan Rec Dept men's Basketball Championships are in dire need of quality officials. Since none can be found - I got the call.

The hardwoods are beckoning for the sound of a Fox40 whistle and a fat man huffing up and down the court.

I will still honor the Pussy Prize for the 3rd ousted blogger. Just drop a comment at the above link with contact info.

Good luck to all!


At 3:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I left a comment and it shows 4 on your main pager but only 3 are here! In the interests of time and not in a Kennedy/Biden way, I'll make it simple.

Other obligations have been thrust upon me and I'll need to miss the DADISO. But the Pussy Prize is still in effect. Just leave me a comment if you're the 3rd short bus rider to be booted off the cart.

Enjoy and have fun!

At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeebus I hate these 15 minute waits for a freakin' comment to appear.... Sorry d00ds...

At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't register yet, but as I said: I'm going to after Jestocost above this should be at least 16 players...

At 6:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, FairNBalncd, I don't think anyone would mind if you withdrew your thong. That didn't come out right...

At 9:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Renton.


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