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Me & My Poker

I originally had hoped for a home game at the 5-Diamond (i.e., my apartment) tonight, since fiance Kim was other busy doing some wedding stuff. Unfortunately, a lack of responses caused the game to fold. As a backup, Robbie Hole and I planned on hanging out. This, too, fell through, as something came up in casa del Hole. No harm done though. Before this occurred, Hole and I scoured our collective social circles for any chance at some hot poker action. No such luck. At one point, we floated the idea of driving 3 hrs to AC and back, but reality got the better of us. I found a Poker Home Game site through Stabby McFoldsalot, but in the end, I've decided to hold off a bit before contacting strangers. I also thought about checking out a NYC illegal card room, but once again, I have to pace my poker-loving self.

So, without Rob or a 5-Diamond game, I realistically could make some phone calls and do the usual bar thing with the guys. However, after my first week at a new job with newer, longer hours, I'm beat, and looking forward to a night of peace and quiet. My plan is to finish out the day here (it's 5:30pm) once I finish summarizing some medical records. This has taken up most of my day, but since I have nothing to rush to, I want to finish it before I leave. Then, I'll order some Chexican delivery (Mexican food made surprisingly well by Chinese people), and settle in for some MTT action. Fiance Kim has been busy on the only Internet-ready computer lately, so my online poker intake is light. I'm just below the $370 I need to move up to $2/4 limit, according to the Limit Challenge Structure, so if I can beat that, I'm moving on up into respectable waters. After all, I was playing 2/4 at AC for 8 hrs straight, so playing those stakes online (as opposed to my baby stakes) is an accomplishment for me. Separately, I have bootleg copies of Aviator, Million Dollar Baby, and The 40-Year Old Virgin, in case the poker needs a break. Who are we kidding. I ain't doing nothing but poker.

If you are going to be playing online tonight at Noble Poker, shoot me an IM. My AOL IM screenname is BrodyBanky. I'd love to meet up with some fellow bloggers or readers in an SNG, ring game or MTT.

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