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Old Friends, New Game

As an update, my Full Tilt bankroll is now $90. I was down to $69, but some 1/2 limit brought me back. I don't really know what my goal is. I was planning on cashing out and moving to a new site with easier bonuses, but now that I am playing higher stakes, it looks like my FT bonus might be easier to earn. I've already earned $20 out of the $100 bonus, so I may as well stay put for a while.

Last night, fiance Kim and I went out for a late dinner at Uptown Lounge (highly recommended) with my long time pal DP and his girlfriend Maia. It was a good time, as we all get along great. It seems like most of my friends have paired off with a chick, which is a relatively rare thing for my group of social misfits. That's a bit of an exaggeration, but overall it never seemed like we were all in committed relationships. After dinner, the four of us went to Copper Door, a bar in the Gramercy area. While there, we met up with DP's pals (and originally through DP, my pals), D-Root and Slacker. It was great seeing them. It was made even better when Slacker asked me what happened to the poker games I used to have. Later that night, entirely independent, D-Root said the same. I was surprised, and explained to them that the games just dried up. I stopped calling them because I didn't want to appear like I was just calling them because I personally wanted to gamble. I had no idea they were so into it.

As a result, I am thinking about hosting a game at my apartment on Tuesday. Hopefully, I can make it happen. Poker, anyone?

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