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Surflexus Contest -- Easy Money

I loathe bumping my trip report to Nice Look, since I think there is a lot in there worth digesting, but I would be doing you, me and Surflexus a disservice if I did not make a quick announcement.

Surflexus has announced a contest, and I highly encourage you all to join. All you have to go is pop over to Surflexus' website and suggest an item or article of clothing for Surf to bring to the tables during his future trip to Tunica. I don't think Surf has set a time-limit, but I'm pretty certain that this offer will only last a week or two. Once he's received all entries, Surf, me, Katitude and Garth will judge the suggestions and choose the best. The winner will receive 10% of Surf's action in three events (value $50; the events' buy-ins total $500).

I should mention a couple of things. First, this is an easy one, folks. Surf doesn't have a poker uniform or a slew of lucky trinkets like I do, so he's a blank palette for you to work with. If you are unfamiliar with him, you might want to peruse his blog to get an idea of what he's about, but in general, just feel free to throw out a suggestion. Second, this is a GREAT prize, especially given the effort required of you. I personally bought a piece of Surf's action a while ago and THIS IS THE RESULT. He moneyed, and we both earned some cash. He's a smart player, level-headed, and does well for himself in live games. So, really, there is no reason not to enter.

Final thought, it is truly a pleasure how the blogging community always offers random contests, often reaching into their own pockets (as Surf is doing) for the opportunity to enjoy some interaction with fellow poker players, readers or bloggers alike. So, thanks to Surf and thanks to everyone else in the poker blogosphere for keeping things interesting.

Until next time, make mine poker!

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