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Turkey Sandwich and a Snapple Iced Tea

My Full Tilt bankroll is now at a turkey sandwich and a Snapple iced tea. In other words, I'm down to $7.50. Quite pathetic. I'm looking forward to sitting in a NLHE table later and either giving it away to the highest bidder or playing for a come back. Either way, I'm happy. I think it's time for me to up and move to greener pastures. Party Poker anyone? Maybe Ultimate Bet, the site of choice for fellow bloggers DNasty and Steeler Josh. This may even be an opportunity to try the limit challenge I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. Part of me is sad about losing money. But it is part of the game. My near $400 total bankroll will be exposed in the next few weeks too, so this brings pause.

On Saturday, I am playing in a $50 14-person max tournament in NYC. I got invited thanks to Dr. Pauly. I'm actually looking forward to meeting the Internet poker celebrity. Hopefully it'll go better than my last celebrity encounter, in which the WWF's Raven essentially told me to fuck off. My fingers are crossed.

Now, as for that tournament, I have mixed emotions. On one hand, I really can't stand to lose right now. I'm very vulnerable. Okay, well, maybe not vulnerable. But in the past, losing a game did not phase me, but right now I am definitely questioning my game. This is never good. I MUST get over this before the tourney. Maybe some poker reading will help. I might need to review Sklansky's "Theory" and Caro's "Book of Tells", and check Brunson's "SuperSystem 2" to see if there are any good tournament nuggets in there.

On the other hand, I play best at home games against strangers. My record for large home games against strangers is 2 for 2. I placed 3rd out of 22, and 2nd out of 13, so I'm no slouch. Of course, those were just two occassions, but I felt the difference playing in those environments. I'm not distracted by all of the people around me as much. Plus, I can gauge them on who they are at that very moment, rather than how I think of them in general. For instance, when playing against Mikey Aps, I'm inclined to think that he is an aggressive bully because I've known him since we were children and the aggressive bully (in poker, and not elsewhere) would fit my mental image of how Aps would play poker. Unfortunately, Aps is clever, so he can use this to his advantage. Or, he can change his game for other reasons, but I'm still stuck on my initial opinion. But when I'm playing against Stranger X, I don't have an initial opinion. I meet the person in the game, and I get to know them through their game. So, maybe I'll be padding, instead of stripping, my bankroll on Saturday. Time will tell.

Aside from Saturday, I'm hitting AC on June 5th, and plan on putting some money into whichever site has the best bonuses. So, I'm a poker-playing fool.

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