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Jordan Goes Townhouse

Last night was slightly brutal for me online, resulting in about $70-80 in losses. Oddly, I was never quite concerned about the loss, and hopefully I never will be. The key will be to get back to solid poker and turn those numbers around. I lost a Rio, placed 3rd in one (for $1 profit), lost a 45 person SNG, lost a 18p shorthanded SNG, and donked off a lot in shorthanded 2/4 limit. I won a few bucks in a full table 2/4 limit game, and I think I learned a lesson.

For now, that lesson is 2/4 limit shorthanded = bad, 2/4 limit full table = good. It's 2 parts variance and 1 part adjusting to the right amount of aggression that makes full tables the better bet for me. With the shorthanded games, I'm either too loose or too tight (back and forth, seemingly), and variance is increased, making $40-60 losses (aka 10BB to 15BB losses) a good possibility. In the full table limit game, I'm able to play relatively tight, and take opportunities where I see them (which is generally rare).

My SNG play was a bit erratic too. I hated one particular play which set up my 45 SNG loss. I had been folding folding and folding, until I had JJ. I raise it up and get one caller. The flop is AK5, and I bet about half of my stack (pot sized bet), only to be re-raised all-in. I was in the blinds and out of position, and I should've checked the flop and accepted the loss, but instead I bet out and still had to accept the loss with a crippled stack to boot. That, my friends, is not good poker. My Rio loss was due to a four-outter, so I'm not going to complain there. Sometimes luck just isn't with you.

I do have some good and exciting news. This Friday, I will be making my return to Lady Falcon's Townhouse game! The night will start with a $60 tournament, followed by a 4/8 limit game with a half-kill. I never understood what a half-kill was until Lady was nice enough to explain it in her email to the Friday Townhouse croud. I've asked other people to explain what a kill is before, but I never could grasp what they were saying (it was never in person, where I imagine it would be easier to demonstrate). As the lovely Lady put it: If a player wins two hands in a row and the second hand is worth $40 or more, the next hand moves to 6-12 (half-kill) betting structure until the player who triggered the kill loses. Then the betting structure returns to 4-8. Thanks Lady!

From what I've seen, Karol and (I think) Dawn, from I Had Outs will also be there. I look forward to actually playing with them again, the first time being in Atlantic City entirely by accident. If you want to read about it HERE.

If you don't know, I've been to the Townhouse once before as a fresh-faced blogger, after Dr. Pauly got me an invite before he left for LA for, what I believe was, the first time. Because of that, the Townhouse always held a warm place in my blogger heart as the location of my first meeting with another blogger face to face (several to be exact). If you want to read the write-up, click HERE.

I've also updated my You Decide Index and Trip Report Index, so check those out if you haven't had an opportunity.

Jordan, out!

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At 2:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also in a kill game, when a kill is in effect:

small and big blinds remain normal, so the blinds would be 2, 4 for your 4-8 game, the person who created the "Kill" by winning the previous two hands posts a blind of 6, if half kill, or 8 if full kill in your example. At least this is the rulls which apply when playing on Ultimate Bet.

At 5:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The requirements for a kill vary on the establishment. In some places, a double winner triggers the kill (Barona casino outside of San Diego, eg), in other places the any pot over a certain amount ($100 in the $5/$10 kill game at Foxwoods) triggers the kill.

At 8:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We will indeed be there. Looking forward to seeing you again.


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