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Today's Special: SNGs!

As you may have read, I played a 45-person SNG warmup last night with an illustrious group of bloggers. I outlasted the others (with nothing short of ballsy luck) and placed barely inside the money, netting 7th place. This is a good omen before the 45-p SNG Challenge starting immediately after the DADI Shorthanded Event. As for the DADI event, we only had 3 people signed up as of last night. I can't encourage people enough to sign up early. It builds excitement, and, let's admit it, you are playing anyway. The event is set for this Monday. Feel free to nab the banner (check the DADI link above) or the side banner (see side bar) and pimp the hell out of it. It's not a High On Poker/TripJax event, but rather a blogging event, and we look forward to playing with friends and foe alike.

On that note, here's hoping that Iggy can lock down a date and time for the $30 Blogger-Only Satellite to the WSOP. Much kudos to Iggy for planning such an event. I, for one, am willing to go outside of my usual buy-ins to do my part to make a blogger's mark on the WSOP.

So, after placing in the 45-p SNG (my third place out of four tries recently, and my third out of three tries in turbo games), I started a shorthanded three-table (i.e., 18-player, 6-seats-per-table) SNG on Stars with GCox, Surflexus, and DuggleBogey. The result, I placed 3rd, netting another SNG win. My strategy involved folding every hand for the first 20 minutes, using my toe on the laptop mouse, while I (I hate this word) cuddled with wifey Kim as she fell asleep. Her friend was staying over and sleeping in the living room, and I had been playing poker all night. I love wifey Kim's ability to oversee my poker...obsession...but I also wanted to spend some time with her before she fell asleep.

After that 20 minutes of folding (I had no good cards anyway), I was full into the SNG and used my usual patience early on, followed by aggression when the blinds are significant, to make my way to chipleader when we were down to 4. Long story short, once we were down to three, it was VERY SLOW GOING. I don't remember how I lost my lead (by then it was 10K v. 10K v. 6K or so), but eventually I went out. I was just happy to have moneyed in my two SNGs.

Earlier that night, I donked $25 in 1/2 Limit on Doyle's Room. I must admit, I'm starting to think I should stick with SNGs online. I've been steadily loosing (or so it feels) in limit cash games. I don't trush my NL cash game because of the high variance. But, in the end, I think I'm simply running hot in SNGs and cold in cash games. Live cash games (hopefully) are not a problem. I haven't played in a while, but in AC, I usually like my results.

That's all for now. I'm uber-busy again at the office, so this post is sucking time away from me. Sign up for DADI and pimp it, will ya? Thanks!

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