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Go, DADI, Go

Good news. Trip pulled through and we've arranged the DADI Shorthanded Event, aka DADI, "It ain't easy being Shorthanded." Enjoy this lovely picture.*

* Picture does not depict a well-known blogger.

In other news, I entered a 45-person $10 SNG, inspired by Sir Waffle's recent win. I'm a competitive guy, even if I don't like to admit it (I can admit it better than you can though!!), so when Waffle won one of these, I thought I had to give it a go. Waffle is one of two players who really have the ability to tilt me (DP a/k/a Fluxer, being the other) on tap. But one cannot deny his ability at multi-table tournaments. So, following in his shoes, I decided to play a 45-person myself. Usually, I don't try these because of timing. However, Friday night I was in the mood for an MTT and all of the sites' scheduled MTTs were all wrong. They were either too big (1000+ players! Fuck that!), too expensive, or too cheap. So, I decided to go for the Stars 45-p SNG.

And I won. The payout was $150 or so, and it's a much needed boost to my bankroll. I just withdrew $100 and I planned on withdrawing $100 more. I figure that once my PSO points come in, I'll be able to get another $100 gift certificate to Party Poker, so it's all coming back to me. But I digress.

A couple of days ago, I posted some actual strategy on this here blog. It didn't get a single comment, maybe because it was a bit long, or a bit boring, or a bit already done better elsewhere. Well, it was that strategy that helped me win. When it got down to the final table, I had a healthy stack and decided to steal early and often. When blinds get high enough, you can min raise and win the SB, BB and antes. Any Ace will do, and sometimes even less.

When it was down to 3 players, I held probably 70% or more of the chips. The small stack pushed all-in and I called with Q8. He had Ace or King high, but I hit my 8 and won the hand. SoxLover was railbirding and called it a suckout. I disagree. Let's see what you think. Just because I am behind, if I hit here, it doesn't make it a suckout to me. If we were all-in on the turn and I had an 8-outer or less, then it's a suckout. If you are behind pre-flop all-in, but its only a weighted coin-flop (or, actually, slightly worse), then I'm going to have to rule it just a beat. It happens, and it sucks to be him, but it wasn't egregious. I then followed it up by taking out the remaining player with my J-high preflop all-in against his K-high. Was I being stupid? No. I was being a heavy chipleader. And it worked.

Damn, I'm proud. Now I need a good showing in a game with fellow bloggers. In the last two, I pretty much held on long enough to make the final table in 18-person SNGs, but little else. No complaints though. I rather win the 45-person.

Finally, did you sign up for SirOldMan's Tiltfest? Well, why the fuck not! Here's the banner with the NEW CORRECT TIME!

Finally, I must sign off by saying, Hi Jeff. There, I hope the prick's happy.

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