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Lazy Friday

What a day. It's been a bit odd here at the office this week. As you may recall, not too long ago I was on my deathbed thanks to GERD, while working my ass off at the office, preparing and assisting with a trial, and gearing up for two more trials. At that time, it felt like the pressure of it all would never end. I think I'm good under pressure. I'm probably more efficient at the very least. Well, as it turned out, both of the upcoming trials were put off for a month or more, so I found myself with an interesting new predicament...I have everything under control.

I have motions out on several cases, and frankly, when a motion is out, the case is essentially put on hold until the motion is heard in front of the Court (we lawyers capitalize the word Court so that we show some sort of respect or something). I believe that is the case for about 4 of my 12 cases. One just resolved (to the tune of $500,000 verdict for our client), two are ready for trial but pushed back, and the other ones are sort of in stasis.

End result, I've been keeping buys keeping busy today. But I don't need to stay as late as usual (my guilty conscience probably will anyway) and I'm finding pockets in the day where I can actually relax. It's rather nice...and unnerving.

So the WPBT Summer Classic is coming together. Unfortunately, its scheduled on July 7th, while I'll be in Jamaica with wifey Kim. Truth be told, I don't know how so many bloggers are able to afford all of the trips. If I win the DADI 5 for the WSOP seat, I'm going to have to do a bit of shuffling to pay for airfare and hotel. But lets be honest, if I win, IF I win, I'll make it work.

With that in mind, let me encourage people to sign up for the DADI 5 even ASAP. This is for a few reasons. First, it is a bit pricier than our usual $10+1 stakes, so it might help to lock in your dough now, so down the line you don't even have to think about it. Also, we NEED 54 people to sign up to send someone to the WSOP. So, it would do me and Trip a lot of good to know in advance that we are close. Finally, when people start to sign up, it seems to be like one of them snowballs in the cartoons rolling downhill. It starts the momentum and usually crushes Wile E. Coyote (albeit, he's in the desert, but I'm running out of obscure references).

With the weekend fast approaching, I'm also gearing up for some poker goodness. I started a reload promo at Titan. I figured I could work it off while playing their Rio 6-person Jackpot SNGs (big $ for 1st place, 5 times in a row, decent $ for 1st or 2nd 5 times in a row). Last night I lost one of them, after losing a $20 SNG on FullTilt. I'm not 100% comfortable with these $20 SNGs yet (except for Rios because 3 out of 6 seats pay), but I want to move up, even if my bankroll is now just shy of $800 thanks to a $200 withdrawal.

I don't know what to expect, poker-wise, this weekend. I have to give a huge thank you and sorry to wifey Kim, because I've noticed my poker addiction, cough cough, um hobby, has been a bit ever-present lately. The urge to play is nary constant and unstoppable. But, as I've always said, it isn't an addiction if you are winning.

For tonight, I hope to play some with GCox late at night when wifey Kim has passed out. (Didn't I just say something about playing too much?) It feels odd, but I haven't seen the guy online for a while, mostly because of our different timing and commitments. Bottom line is, I like playing with our Poker Degenerate crew, and I've probably played more with GCox than with any other blogger. Hopefully, we'll be hitting up UB later. Don't know why UB. Maybe its nostalgia from the SNG Challenge.

Other than that, wifey Kim and I have a mostly commitment-free weekend. Saturday will be spent walking around the city. Wifey Kim has her eye on a dress she wants to buy, and I wanted to pick something up for the namesake. Saturday night is free, but probably poker-free if we find anything worthwhile to do.

Sunday will be spent with wifey Kim's grandfather, who is recovering from a recent hospital stay. This has been his third trip to the hospital in about 6 mos, and his 2nd in about 3 weeks, so its a real shame. They can't pin down what is wrong, but I personally fear its merely old age, something that there is not a cure for. Its disheartening, especially because he is a good man and I respect him and feel that we are family (beyond just in-laws). It's funny. I don't think I've ever said these things aloud, but I'm willing to type it to you strangers. Love that Internet anonymity.

So, basically, I guess it won't be a very pokery weekend. But, in the distance, I have a free night Wednesday coming up, which will probably end at Robbie Hole's homegame. The Straddle Club got busted, so no return trip there.

In addition, I'm planning a trip to Atlantic City from late Thursday night, April 27, through Saturday, April 29. I'll be staying at the Showboat on Thursday (free) and the Tropicana on Friday ($119 poker rate, requiring that I, humorously, play 4 hrs of poker). I've already checked the local tournament schedules online in anticipation. Right now, the frontrunner is the $60+15 Friday 2pm tournament. I'll probably get in on some of the juicy action at Taj Mahal. If anyone has suggestions, I'm open. Interestingly, the usual crew of Roose and Hole may be unavailable. If necessary, I'll go solo, because I'll roll like that. But it occurs to me that there may be some of you out in the blogosphere interested in playing in AC. If so, you know when I'll be going, so let me know if you are interested. I can't promise anything but a shit load of poker, but something tells me that if you are reading this, we have something in common there.

That's all for now. Stay tuned tomorrow for my pathetic attempt at an April Fool's joke. Come on, you knew it was coming.

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DADI 5: WSOP Satellite

The Winner Receives:
$1500 WSOP Seat for Every 54 Players (Travel Accomodations Not Included)
Naming Rights to the Next WWdn Tournament
A Free Seat in the WWdn Tournament of Champions

Along with the following special prizes for 2nd through 4th, any remaining prize pool after the WSOP seat(s) are secured will be paid out in increments of $100. Example: If prize pool is $2100, payout will be 1st/WSOP Seat, 2nd through 7th/$100 each.

2nd Place Receives:
An iPod Shuffle, compliments of

3rd Place Receives:
10,000 PSO Points, compliments of*

4th Place Receives:
5,000 PSO Points, compliments of*

*PSO Points redeemable at at the PSO Points Store.

WPBT Player Of The Year Points will be awarded for this tournament!

In addition, for this week only, DADI has joined forces with the WWdn, thus there will be no WWdn on Tuesday, April 25th. We hope all WWdn regulars will play in DADI 5 to support sending another player to the WSoP through
a blogger event.

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Impulsive Cheating

"Keep you cards covered!", I'd say while looking in the other direction and holding a hand to the side of my face. Blinders. It's the only way not to cheat when your neighbor is flaunting his cards like they were a new car on full display. Let's face it though. This scene could only happen in one place, a home game. Preferably with low stakes. Anywhere else, and my mouth is shut and my eyes are wandering. Sure I'll intervene when I'm in a card room and it is so obvious that others will notice and get involved. But otherwise, I can't help but let my eyes wander when I see a flash of white and a black King or a red Ace. Show me!

But I'm not a cheater. Hell, I have to put up the blinder in the home game merely because I don't want to cheat. You know what I mean.

Have you ever been answering a crossword puzzle, or filling out one of those fun Maxim connect the ass to the chick games, or studying with a practice test when you have the key on the next page! Even worse, stick that key on the bottom of the same page. Hell, make it upside down. It don't make a difference. If my eye wanders, it'll take .001 seconds for it to notice that picture 1 is actually Tara Reid's butt crack and not Rue McClanahan. The truth is, the eye sees it for .001 seconds, but my mind keeps working even when I tell it not to. It processes for a second or more after I saw the answer. I didn't mean to see it in the first place, but once the cat is out of the bag, my brain can't help but take the shortcut.

That is the reality of it, isn't it. Our minds want to take the shortcut. And as much as we try to punish them for their bad ways by killing them with booze and assorted pharmacueticals, the brain will always betray us by seeing that flash of white and knowing instantly that our neighbor does not have a face card.

Cheating, my friends, is impulsive. And its easy. You've done it before too. Intentionally even! Maybe you copied off a friend's homework or test in class. Maybe you played a bit with the tax man (not me though, with my whopping $7 tax return). How about a quick game of just the tip when your girlfriend is out of town and the town bicycle (because everyone has had a ride) comes by?

Hobbes had it right (the philospher, you fool, not the tiger). People without a ruling body are despicable creatures. We will cheat.

So, Jordan, what is this diatribe on Impulsive Cheating all about? Its about reality and the ZeeJustin drama. ZeeJustin, in case you are new to the world of poker blogging (because everyone else and their momma have commented thus far) had several accounts on a poker site and played them simultaneously in the same MTT. He was finally discovered and his online money was confiscated. Meanwhile, his name is now right up there on the list of untouchables in the poker world, and probably will be for life.

Did ZeeJustin deserve the harsh reality that is falling around him, when all he did was follow the natural human impulse to take the easy way out.

HELL YEAH! Burn baby burn!

Look, we are all inclined to cheat, especially when its easy and everyone else is doing it. We need that ruling body to say, hey fucktard, stop cheating or we'll take your money and ban you. We need outrage and indignation and a symbol like ZeeJustin for us all to rally around and burn in an orgy of self-regulation and effigy.

So, thank you ZeeJustin for getting outted and getting bitch slapped and giving us someone to point to and say, "See! See what happens when you cheat! It isn't easy! It isn't safe! Not everyone is doing it!"

Of course, we are all human beings. So, the cheaters will still cheat. Until they get outted though, we'll keep ragging on ZeeJustin, our own personal whipping boy. Fucking cheater.

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Repair Man

Well, as you can see, I can post again. Three or so days without posting was actually like a little vacation. But, I strive to post daily (with weekends off for good behavior) and I'm going to try to live up to that goal.

The blog is still going through some repairs. Most notably a lot of the sidebar is being revamped. Hopefully, we'll be up and running in the next day or so, with a new banner and possibly a whole new revamped template, but Blogosophus, the god of Blogging, has yet to decide. All hail Blogosophus! May he bring bloggery goodness to us all!

Meanwhile, Gamblor, god of gambling, has been good to me, overall. I had a break even night two nights ago after getting myself in a hole with a 45-p SNG loss (check out the 45-person SNG Challenge blog to see the leaderboard) and some Limit losses. Then I decided to play some Rio SNGs on Titan/Noble and placed 1st, 3rd, and 2nd, to make all of my money back exactly.

Last night, I played at Robbie Hole's home game. Cute story. This morning, wifey Kim and I were chatting while lying in bed. She was asking me about all of the guys at the game. How is Roose doing? Is Hole doing well? That's when I looked at her and said, "You've been reading my blog!" "Not really," she replied, but then I laid it out. I only call Roose by Roose and Hole by Hole on the blog (primarily). Next thing I know, she'll be saying stuff like, "Honey, I'm all done shopping. IGHN!"

Second funny part of the story. All of my answers were "I don't know." I mean, I spent hours with the guys, but we never discussed their respective women, weddings, or anything else significant the entire time. Wifey Kim asked, "What did you talk about?" The answer: "Poker."

I won the 1st 6-person tourney at Hole's home game for a $45 profit (15 buy-in, 60/30 for 1st/2nd). I lost the second one due to escalating blinds followed by a re-suckout. I was all-in with A8 v. A4 v. AK. The flop is x84. The turn is a 4. On that note, the guy with A4, wifey Kim's brother and my bro-in-law Marc, was all-in too. Lucky bastich.

I then lost $9 playing .25/.50 cash games. Nothing really exciting to report. I made a good laydown with TP2ndTK, vs someone's two-pair. I didn't have much time, but if I did, I was confident that I would have ultimately profitted.

I got kicked in the junk last night on Titan in a .25/.50 NL game. One guy was raising a lot. He raised from .50 to $3 in EP in a 6p table. He got one caller. I was the BB or SB and pushed for about $50 with KK. He folded, as I knew would. The other guy called. The turn was a Jack, and I knew that I had lost. I said to myself, he had a JJ. Sure enough, I was dead right. In total, I lost about $20 on that hand (I had him covered). In the end, I wasn't upset. I knew I'd get a caller, and I even knew what he had before showdown. Maybe I shouldn't have pushed pre-flop, but I wanted any Ax hand to pay to play. Oh well oh well.

DADI is shaping up nicely, and expect the big announcement tomorrow, if all goes well.

That's it for now. This site will be back in shape in no time. Until then, make mine Poker.

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Out of Order

I'm hoping this blog continues to work. I recently got approached by a potential advertiser and once I copied and pasted their banner, all hell broke loose. Essentially, the code in is all messed up. I tried copying and pasting the code from the website's source code, since the site is loading up fine, but when I re-published the blog, nothing happened. Maybe you'll see this, maybe you won't.

So, I won't even try to leave one of my usual thought-provoking posts. I lost $20 last night, but that's fine too. Poker for everybody!

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Relationship Building

Before I say anything, let me suggest that you head over to Quest of a Closet Poker Player, a blog that I have not read before today, to read a very interest series of posts on Relationships (the kind involving the opposite sex) and Poker. From what I've read, I may have to add CC to my list of blogs.

I lost about $25 yesterday, losing another 45-person SNG (but at least reaching the final table), and the WPBT POY event (I played horribly). I did, however, win some dough playing .25/.50 NLHE on Titan, where I plan on working off their new Reload Bonus. I like Titan. The players seem crappy and I'm comfortable with the software. I don't think that they support Poker Tracker, and for that, I am glad. I never could get the swing of using that damn thing, and in the end, I guess I am more of a feel-player than I'd like to admit. Poker Tracker definitely is an edge, but it isn't one that I have been able to utilize effectively.

Cash games seem to be a new distraction for me. I finished my promo at Doyle's Room, but have yet to receive my Rake Back. I'm not sure how that works, but I'll be keeping an eye out for it. If you want rake back, I suggest you use my link, and mention HighOnPoker as your referral when you send the email to their customer support to arrange your account.

The return to cash games has been interesting so far. With my $1k bankroll (not anymore, but I'll get to that), I feel more comforable losing a $50 buy-in. I still don't love it, but my drop from 800 to 200 or so several months ago followed by my resurgence has given me perspective when it comes to variance. I scheduled a trip to AC for the last weekend of April too, which will help solidify my desire to play more often and higher stakes. I'm damn excited.

So, lets get back to relationship building. Wifey Kim means the world to me. She is my #1 love. But mistress poker is a tempting bitch, and I have to admit that I've been splitting my attention a lot lately. One contributing factor is the plethora (of pinatas) of blogger events that have distracted me. I'm going to have to re-evaluate my participation in the coming weeks. I won't avoid them all, but I can't play more than one blogger event per week. Aside from that, when I'm in a funk like I have been, its easy to poor my free time into poker, where my endorphines are fed by adrenaline and my mind is free of its usual distractions. In the end though, wifey Kim deserves better, and while she has not outright complained, she has dropped subtle hints.

So, tonight I hope to avoid the poker machine. Hope is a key word. At least it shall wait until the wifey is in Slumberland. She usually beats me there by an hour or two.

For months, I've noticed that our bed has been sagging in the middle. I haven't done anything about it because of cost, but this weekend, wifey Kim and I swapped spots. She noticed it for the first time. One day later, we purchased a mattress and box-spring set (to be delivered today) for about $500. Its probably one of the cheaper sets, but we are on a budget that quite frankly can't afford the $500. So, $200 is being withdrawn from my poker funds.

$1000 bankroll is now at $800. Christ almighty! At least it wasn't a bad beat.

Cost of a Mattress and Box Spring: $500
Drain from Online Poker Bankroll: $200
Satisfaction on sleeping on something paid for by gambling: Priceless

Some things money can't buy. For the rest, there's Poker.

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Running Good

Let me take a moment to pimp for a friend of mine. You may have hear me speak of David Roose before. He's a buddy, but more like a brother for me. So I'm extremely proud to see that his band Giant Step has been having some success as of late. They were entered into a battle-of-the-bands against about 20 other acts and won, based on an independent panel. As a result, they will be appearing at a Battle of the Bands on Sirius Radio's Jim Bruer Show on May 1st. Check them out, and if you like what your hear, check out their live shows at I.C.U. Bar in NYC on May 13, and Kenny's Castaways on May 27. I'll be there too. For more info, check out their MySpace page HERE. They have music up, so you can get a bit of a sampling. Think Incubus/Coldplay/Dave Matthews, but only loosely, because, quite frankly, its damn impossible to really reference one band with another, unless they are a rip off band. I should also mention that my good buddy Justin is in the band, along with his brother and cousin, so maybe it's a little bit of Partridge Family too. But just a little bit.

On the poker front, I've been slaughtering them. Omaha PL (hi/lo or just hi) has been my recent game of choice. I find that changing things up a bit helps. My Limit Hold Em game was it the shitter, but I still wanted to finish my bonus at Doyle's Room, so I switched to PLO8 and PLO. Last night in a PLO Hi only game, I held AAxx and flopped A38. I bet the pot. He bets the pot. I push. He calls with 88xx, so he only has one out, an 8. He hit it on the river. I laughed. What can you do? At least I bought in short for $20 in a .25/.50 game. I find that it makes the most sense, considering my style of play. Once I lost, I gave up there, because a loss like that will make all the players lose their respect for your raises, even if you do have the nuts at the time.

It was all good. I played a 27-p SNG and a 45-p SNG and bombed out of both. I was thinking that it wasn't my night, but I started a 9-p SNG on Doyle's for a $20 buyin. I've been a $10 guy for a while, but I think it is time to move up. Case in point, I won the damn thing, making it a winning evening to the tune of just short of $30. Not a lot, but a nice addition to the bankroll.

This morning, I finished the Doyle's Room promo with some PLO8, and a $6 profit. I'll take it! The bonus is $75, so that's a nice cherry on top, although overall I think I lost money there. I also played a $20 10-p SNG on UB, spreading the wealth around to various sites where I have minimal dough. I have my money spread around so that I can get into conveniently timed MTTs or join a random blogger. Well, I felt like a change of scenery, and I couldn't be happier, because I took 1st in that $20 SNG too, for a $78 profit.

Overall, the roll is up to over $1000, and I've withdrawn a couple of hundred this year already. Wifey Kim heard about the $1k and suggested a withdrawal. I have $200 earmarked to be withdrawn, but only when there is a need, such as our Jamaican vacation in July or the new mattress/box spring we desperately need.

I'm feeling good about my game. I guess that's the point of this post.

Tonight, I'll be on LI at wifey Kim's friends' place. Her husband is good people, so I'm looking forward to it. Tomorrow is another busy day, so poker will be light until Sunday. I can't wait.

Oh, and Atlantic City on April 28-30 (Thurs and Fri night). I had a free room on Thursday and I qualified for a special Poker room rate at Trop on Friday. All I have to do is play there for 4 hrs. Like I wasn't going to do that anyway!

Big DADI news, and I mean HUGE! But you'll have to wait...

Have a great weekend! I sure am!

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You Too Can Be a Franchisee

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Petty Jordan

I have to admit, I'm a petty, petty man. Growing up, I was always a smart kid. I never worked hard, it just came easily. But not too easily. I was able to make it into the Advanced program in grade school by the skin of my teeth in 6th grade, on a revolving door status (i.e., if I sucked, they'd keep spinning me until I walked out that revolving door).

In junior high, I was in all advanced classes, but found myself to be the only one in class doodling while the rest were paying attention. My homework would be done late, or half-assed, or not at all. My studying was practically non-existent. Hell, I can't even remember studying.

High School was more of the same. The majority of my friends were not in advanced classes, so I saw them at lunch and here and there, but they weren't with me all day. Instead, I'd be in a class with the 'smart kids' and I didn't really fit in, mostly because of my slacker ways. But I liked those classes. Hell, school and tests were always easy for me, and even though I wasn't the academic star in the advanced classes, my grades were high, and amongst my friends, I was the smart one.

I never thought myself competitive, though. Athletically speaking, I've always been sub par. I mean sub sub par. Basically, if I wasn't picked last, it was because someone else was an amputee, obese or blind. Plain and simple, I suck at sports. I still do. In Little League, I was in the outfield, and I'd pray that no one would hit it to me. Pitches hit me more than I hit them. My basketball skills were adequate, but I'd only play with friends. I never wanted to seriously compete.

But I guess I am competitive. My mother helped me realize this. When friends had their successes growing up, I couldn't help but feel the need to one-up them. When others were showered with attention, I guess I subconsciously marked them in my head as competition, no matter the situation or consequences. I guess I am competitive, and worse, I'm petty. I gave up on sports because I was never any good. I had no confidence. But poker is like my sport. I'm actually pretty good, and I want to be great. I'm getting there too, and when I can keep my head straight and focus, I think I AM great.

But this is about me being petty. Petty about seeing other people's success and wanting that for me. In poker, in blogging, in social settings. It's who I am, and I don't mean to be a prick or an envious bastard, but sometimes that is my default. Schaudenfreude.

I'm trying hard Ringo, I'm trying real hard to be that guy who is happy when others succeed. In fact, a good 95% of me relishes when members of the blogging community and any of my compadres do well. It's that other 5% that kills me. It's the part that says, what about me? What about Jordan?

I guess I'm just a bit antsy. Things have been weird lately for me. When I went to play at Hole's house a couple of days ago, I was like a junky walking into a crackhouse. I was excited, overly eager, and pushing to get right to the action. It's no joke that I get high on poker. I love the game on a visceral level. I feel that it is my way to compete without feeling guilt, at least while it occurs. Last night during the HU match with Veneno and the HORSE SNG, I was acting pretty obnoxious. In the heat of the moment, I can get mean at the table (moreso online than live, where I get chatty and maybe slyly mean, but not outright). I can talk shit and act like I am the best thing that has happened to the game. During HORSE, I called some players Omatards, after my less-than-great hand held up. It wasn't smart for my game, and it wasn't right.

Poker is my sport. I can compete with anyone. It's also my escape, from holding back my inner-petty self. I can be free at that table. I can't get up right now and leave the office, saying, "I'm done for the day". I have obligations, and moreso, I have people with expectations of me. With poker, there is none of that. I'm my own boss. I make my own expectations. I'm free.

I just want to be free. I want to be able to play poker all of the time at the drop of a hat. I want to have a live game on tap that I can afford and that is safe. I want to be able to play games where I can win hundreds if not thousands of dollars. I want to be able to play on a whim. I want the respect and the success that I feel like I deserve, but know that I might not. I want my freedom from all of this. I want a lot of things.

I guess I'm just petty that way.

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Booted from the HUC3

No surprise here. As predicted, I went out of the HUC3 in the first round. I took out Veneno first, and then faced the Suckout L'Artiste in the 2nd match of Round 1. I dominated for most of the game, but I eventually got sloppy and called a re-raise all-in with an inside striaght draw and overcards. He had two pair, so there goes my overcard outs, and I fail to hit my straight.

The good news is, I get to rename Veneno's Blog as her bounty. I'm still thinking, but I have some ideas:

I have to admit that I like "All Praise Jordan". I think there is something catchy to the over-the-top conceit. High On Veneno is catchy though. But thanks to this brainstorming session, I think I've come up with a compromise. Veneno, you are on notice. Your blog shall be called:

High On Veneno, part of the High On Poker family of blogs

Yes, it's a bit long, but it has that catchy HoV, and I get to name drop my own blog. Yep, I'm a self-promoting whore, but remember that I do it for you.

In the meanwhile, I played another 45-person SNG last night and played terribly, eventually bluffing with the hammer post-flop to someone who flopped the Ace. I had NO OUTS, and it was a pathetic move by me. I knew I wasn't playing my best, and I should have just passed on it outright. I have only placed once in 9 tries in 45-person SNGs, so I really need to reevaluate my play. Suffice it to say that the last 6 SNGs in the 45 SNG Challenge will be played under different conditions.

I had the pleasure of playing a $10 HORSE SNG on Full Tilt. I've been on fire there lately, placing in my last three SNGs in a row. It was only a 3rd place finish, but money is money. Boobie Lover also placed in the money, but I don't know if he took down 1st or 2nd. These HORSE tourneys are great for me, because my fundamentals are solid. I just fall short when it comes to making sudden stupid plays which cost me my whole stack. But in the HORSE tourneys, which are, by there nature, limit, my blow-up hands are usually survivable.

That's it for now. Have a great day and a greater weekend. I'll be spending mine on LI with wifey Kim's good friends. Tonight is just wifey Kim and I, and we hope to go to our new potential favorite bar/restaurant, a whole-in-the-wall with good food and a private atmosphere. Have a great one!

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In the Hole

The Hole homegame last night was a success. First off, it was a great time, without a doubt. It turns out that Randy Hole spent some time reading this humble blog yesterday for the first time that I'm aware of. I'm counting my blessing that I didn't talk smack about him in the last post. Of course, I wouldn't talk smack about Randy, but the point is, a very extroverted forum like this could be problematic if the wrong people read up. Even so, I'll do my best to give you unedited content, because that's what I do.

I ended up bubbling out of the first of three tourneys at Casa del Hole. It was a 6-handed game, and some time in the first orbit, we had four people all in on the same hand. Hold your breath, because you are going to be shocked when you see what hands they held. Pete: QQ; G-lan: KJ (I think); Randy: KT; Rob: AT. Yep. All-in in a tournament in the first orbit with those hands. A rivered Ace put Rob as the monster chip leader, and I just scrambled to stay alive as long as possible. Hole took down the tourney, Roose took 2nd.

In the second tourney, I played a lot smarter, and chipped up slowly. It got down to Robbie Hole and I, heads up, and he had the chiplead. Wifey Kim had called me on my cell during a particularly important heads up hand. It went like this.

I look down to J7o. Robbie Hole was the dealer, heads up. He limps, I check. The flop is AA8. I check, he tentatively checks. Meanwhile, my phone is vibrating, but I ignore it. Rather than leaving a message, wifey Kim decided to call back right away. Well, I'm in the middle of a hand which will take all of 2 minutes, so I figure I will call her back in a second. But she calls a third time. Now my mind is racing. It must be an emergency. Meanwhile, the turn comes off as a Jack. I bet 500 (blinds were 100/200 or 200/400). He re-raises to 2,000. Now I'm thinking, what the hell does he have. My cell rings (this is that third call) and I say, "I'm all in" as I pick up the phone. Wifey Kim is in a tizzy. I can hear a panic in her voice, but meanwhile I'm counting out my chips. I can't deal with this, so I say, "Someone count my chips" while I walk into the nearby hallway.

"What is it honey?" "I can't get the TV to work. It's stuck on mute and I want to watch Lost." THIS IS THE EMERGENCY! I have to admit, I got a bit short. It was mostly frustration. Basically, to fix the problem, you need to hold down to keys on the remote until a light lights up, power off the cable box, which takes some doing when you are simultaneously recording, restart the box, and record ASAP so you don't miss too much. Wifey Kim wasn't getting it, and meanwhile, the most important hand of the game was occurring. I finally worked it out with her, and when I returned to the table, I looked down to a pile of chips. Hole had Q8, and called me. I was the huge chipleader, and went on to win it.

In the third tourney, I went out in the middle, mostly because of high blinds and ignoring the old adage: Don't bluff a calling station.

In one last interesting hand, check this out. It was three players in the hand, Roose, Hole and I. I had KJ. Roose went all-in for his remaining 250 or so, and Hole and I called, because we had him well covered. The flop is 887. We both check. The turn is a 7, for 2-pair on the board. Hole raises large and I fold. Folks, he had 63. SIX THREE!!! WHY GOD WHY! He knew that Dave wasn't pushing with 5-high and it was the only hand he could beat. Why push me out and let a dangerous player like Roose stay in the game. The only reason would be in the hopes that the river is an Ace or 8 or 7 and no one could beat the board, so he'd only have to split the pot 2-ways. Whatever! That play still baffles me. But it did give me an opportunity to discuss strategy with Randy. That's probably the best part of the game. It's okay to discuss hands and strategy, and in a way, we are all helping each other improve.

That's pretty much it for my evening. I won $15 total, but it's better than losing.

Tonight is the HUC3 Round 1 matches on Full Tilt. If you feel like a good time, check out the HUC3 blog for information on "private" tournaments set up at Full Tilt at the same time, in conjunction with the HUC3. Buy-in is just $5 or so, but I'm sure HUC competitors tilting fresh off their loss (to me) will be heading there.

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Mind on Poker

Maybe it was being turned away from the live game at Straddle last night. Maybe it was cashing in two 60+ person tournaments recently, or my two cashes in my recent single-table SNGs at Full Tilt. I don't know what it is, but I'm dying for some poker.

It's been a looooooooooong day, not by time, but by momentum. It's just dragging. Tonight, I plan on hopping a train to Queens for a Robbie Hole homegame. I love these games, mostly because it is a laid back atmosphere, and I am poker king there. There are some good players. Roose is a solid player for sure, and I don't like to tangle with him too much, if I can avoid it. Robbie Hole is one of, if not THE, trickiest players to get a read on. He's as likely to hold AA as K2s in a given hand. Notice I didn't say AA or 27o. It's not that he plays every hand. It's just that he has an interesting range, and I just can't put my finger on it. Aside from those two, there is Randy Hole, who is also an enigma like cousin Rob. The rest of the crew are a random assortment, but overall, I have a good idea about how each of them play.

I also get respect there, mostly from two players who are pretty green in their play, Peter and Scotty. Pete recently won his first tourney at the Hole home game, and was as excited as a kid on Hannukah. His play could still use some work, but he is there to have fun. Scotty is a red-headed Santa Claus, both by looks and by generosity. His play has vastly improved from his original game, but he still is able to keep it light. He's a recreational player, like most of the Hole players, so when I'm there, I'm usually having fun.

Scotty even offered to partially stake me in a WSOP event in the future, based on, as he put it, the fact that I am serious about the game. It'll have to wait until the 2006-2007 WSOP Circuit starts, but once the schedule is out, I'm going to sit down with a calendar and ledger and plan my first foray into big time poker. Of course, I'll be starting with a $500 event, but that is still 5x the amount I'd normally be willing to spend in a live tournament. If I can get Scotty to bankroll me a hundred, that'd cut down on my exposure and force me to play smarter. The bottom line is that I need to play an event like that, because it's time to really think about where this game is taking me.

I need to make a step up. My bankroll is hovering at $800, but not long ago, it was hovering at $300, so I'm greatful about the improvement. I've been a $300 bankroll guy for so long, I almost don't know what to do with myself. I suppose playing $20 single-table SNGs isn't unreasonable. The only problem is that I am so damn comfortable at $10 SNGs. I think, ultimately, I'll start to mix in some more $20s, but stick with a majority of $10s. Hell, it wasn't too long ago that I was at the $5s. Now, they feel like chump change. OOH YEAH! I'm the big man on the poker campus now!

Tomorrow is Round 1 of the Heads Up Challenge 3. I was the original creator and commissioner of the HUC 1 and HUC 2. This time, I passed the Commissioner title to Veneno, a Heads Up enthusiast. She originally asked me to plan the HUC3, but with the 45-Player SNG Challenge going, I didn't think I had the time. I asked V to do it, and she has just blown me away! Not only has she set up clear brackets, along with an interesting structure, but she also is having a special card protector made for the ultimate winner. My match is scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday, March 23) at Full Tilt at 10pm. It's a 4-person HU elimination tournament with the winner moving on to Round 2. Lucky me, my bracket consists of Veneno herself, along with Todd Commish and L'Artiste. Heads Up poker is not my strong point, but I'm not too shabby either. I look forward to using my awesome smack talking, card showing personality to win the day. The winner of our bracket, dubbed the TiltMonsters (presumably after my mean skillz), will face the winner of the Squirrels bracket, which consists of TripJax, FairNBalanced, DrewsPop, and Aussie Dave. I'm hoping Trip wins it. Easy pickin's in Round 2!

I have to commend Mookie99. I didn't know of the guy when I heard that he was holding private blogger tournaments weekly. But I saw him at DADI events, and I look forward to making it to one of his Wednesday games. This poker blogging thing is really about community, and this community loves itself some private tournaments. That's why Trip and I started the DADI events, and that's why Mr. Wheaton's events are so damn fun. If you don't know what I'm talking about, play in one of these aforementioned events. It's a place where competitiveness is encouraged and good poker play is the standard. It's the closest thing to live poker you'll find online too. Just read my last post for those details. Plus, I have to admit, I still get a smile when former Star Trek the Next Generation star and all-around good guy Wil Wheaton said, "High On Poker is here" when I popped into his room during the WWdn event.

Trip is also working overtime to set up the next DADI event. I have to admit that I am out of the loop a bit. I mean, DADI was my baby and Trip and I have raised her together. I know that she is in good hands though. Without a doubt, this one is going to be the biggest DADI ever, and when it happens it will be due mostly to Trip's hard work. So, to that, I say kudos Trip. I'd love to announce some of the surprises in store, but I'll leave that to my comrade.

So, let's recap. If you want to play poker with fellow bloggers/readers, you have several options. You can await the next DADI event, which will likely be scheduled for the last week in April. You can play on Tuesdays, at 8:30 EST on Stars in the WWdn events (password: monkey). You can play on Wednesdays in the weekly Mookie events (see his site for passwords). You can play in the Thursday night WWdn events, which I believe start at 11:30pm EST (it's a West Coast-heavy event). Or you can keep an eye out for another one of my Challenges.

Poker, poker everywhere and not a drop to think.

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You Put Your Wheaton In There

I had plans last night. Big plans. I was finally returning to the underground NYC poker scene for a new club that just openned. The email advertised a $50 no fee tournament, and since my live bankroll is meager, I was all over it.

Upon my arrival at the Straddle Club, I was fairly impressed. The location is easy to get to. The room is nicely furnished with flat screen tvs, couches, and about five or six tables. Three tables were going. Closest to the door were the 500-max 1/2 NL games. There were two. In the back was the No-max 5/10 NL game.

To play in the 1/2 NL games in NY, you need a massive bankroll to match your massive cajones. It's not that the players are particularly good. I kept calling their weak plays and hands. Rather, its just that the players are highly bankrolled or just don't give a shit about their money, your pick. Common preflop raises of 25$ and such, at 1/2! It happens, but it ain't right. But remember. These players are willing to find out about an illegal establishment, travel there, and play with strangers in an unregulated environment that could be raided by the police at any moment. In other words, of course you are going to have action junkies showing up. That's the majority personality type that is willing to go through all of that crap for poker.

But I wasn't there for the cash games. I know my role. I'm there for the tournament. Roose was with me too. Otherwise, though, it didn't look good. All in all, they never had more than 7 players willing to play the tournament. The club didn't seem particularly eager to start either. Why should they? In a land of $10/hr fees with three active tables, our no fee tournament was a drain of resources. Fuckers. I still am pissed though. After all, they advertise and then don't pull through. It was like being a second-class citizen.

Who am I kidding? I might go back tonight.

After that sad occassion, I headed home, hoping to score points with wifey Kim. "See honey! I didn't play so that I could see you!" Of course, the WWdn was about to start at 8:30pm, so I decided to go with another strategy: "Since I couldn't play live, I'm going to play in the Wil Wheaton tourney." As I occassionally do, I made the rounds online to see if I could convince any of my blogger bretheren to join. Mowenumdown gave the thumbs up, as did Prez Lee, who joined the tourney late (gotta love that PokerStars).

I'll give you the cliff notes version. I was chattier than usual. I came to realize that playing in the Wheaton (or any blogger) tournaments is the closest thing I can get to a live game online. The reason is simple. Generally, online, when you play in a tournament, people ignore what you type in the chat box, or will only rarely interact. This interaction is a vital part of my game. First, it helps me stay interested in the game at hand and helps me concentrate, ironically enough. Second, I use chat to feel out players in different ways. When I'm live, I'm always talking and getting reactions.

My smack talk got the better of me at one point, though. With Mookie on my immediate right and me giving more action then a sorority girl on queludes, I decided to call his SB raise with my measely 9To. The flop was J9x, and Mookie bet out big. I decided to put his to the test and pushed all-in. If I lose, I'm down to 300 or so. He calls...with KK. But I rivered him for a suckout, and sent him to the rail. Sorry Mookie.

After that, my play continued to be loose, but slightly more smart. I stayed in the top 5 for most of the tournament, but got a player to go all-in with AK v. my QQ preflop when we were down to 14 players. I had him covered, which was why I was willing to gamble it up. He hit his Ace, and I was down to 4k, in 12th out of 14. But, as I do, I scrambled my way back up, and eventually went out in 7th out of 63 players, for a cash in the WWdn. I love that tourney. Prez Lee must love it too. He took down 1st.

Thereafter, I decided to play a single table SNG on Full Tilt. I donked off most of my chips early, to a bluff I wouldn't let go of. With 300 left, and no one out, I scrambled, and eventually lasted until I placed in 2nd. I'm dangerous on a short-stack.

A good night of poker. Tonight, wifey Kim is watching a show with a friend, so I plan on playing live. I also suggest you check out Mookie's Wednesday tourney if you are looking for some blogger tourney goodness. I won't be there though. But soon. Very soon.

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You Decide #30

Let's have fun picking over Jordan's play, shall we (you judgmental bastards)? What we have here is the Thirtiest edition of You Decide. For earlier You Decide posts, click THIS LINK. Please share your thoughts and opinions, and together we can grow as poker players and as a civilized society!

So, I'm playing in an MTT on Doyle's Room. I have just short of 9k in chips, with blinds of 200/400, 50 ante. There are about 12 to 14 people left, and 9 spots pay. I'm the second chipleader at the table and maybe 3rd overall, with one guy at the table ahead by 400, and one guy behind me for 10 or so.

I'm dealt QQ in the Big Blind. JHawk, who is the gentleman with all of10 chips less than me, raises from UTG+1 from to 1200. I've been playing with him for a while and we have a good rapport. On a couple of hands, I raised preflop to his call out of position, only to win with a continuation bet and in one instance, a bluff re-raise on a AK4 flop. In both instances, he claimed to have KQ, and I lied, claiming that I had AK on the AK4 flop and pocket 9s on a useless flop that he checked to me. In truth, I had crap both times, but he doesn't know that. In fact, as he put it, "You got my number." My response: "Lady luck has good timing."

So JHawk raises in UTG+1 from 400 to 1200. Everyone folds to me and I raise to 4000 total. He pushes all-in to $8855 total. If I call, I'll be committing all of my chips essentially, leaving a whopping 10, which won't even cover the next hand's ante.

So, here is the question. In this situation, is it smart to call off the rest of your chips with QQ preflop, so near the money when you had a huge chiplead. If you fold, you'll still be middle of the pack.

On one hand, he is showing strength and AA or KK will end the tourney for you before you get to the money. If he has AK, it's almost a coin toss against one of the only players that can effectively take you out. Against a shorter stack and its a no brainer. Against this guy, it's a game-changing moment.

Yet, if you take the hand, you have a monster chiplead. What to do?

I'm going to do things differently today, and ask that you give your responses before I post what the result was. If you think that any of my play was foolish, do tell. Thanks for reading, and thanks for sharing.

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Busy Bee

God Damn! Brother Jordan needs a break. I even contemplated calling into the office sick today, so I could sit at home, eating soup and watching The Price is Right, like I did so many times as a young kid in elementary school. But, in the end, I had to succumb to responsibility and get my ass out of bed.

My GERD is apparently under control. For the first time in a while, I actually had "a good day" yesterday. Basically, "a good day" is one in which I am not suffering from heart burn and I can't feel my stomach lining trying to escape my body via my esophagus. I mean, I felt it a little, but that is a VAST improvement. All said, though, I even had some questionable food for dinner (quesadilla with steak and jalapenos) and didn't feel a thing. Praise the Lord!

I also had the pleasure of playing a $20 MTT yesterday on Absolute Poker. I placed 3rd out of 66, netting about $120 profit. I needed it too, since Doyle's Room is whooping my ass in 1/2 and 2/4 limit. I mean, slaughterhouse style. I've lost probably $200 there this weekend, before making my MTT comeback and winning another $30 or so playing .10/.20 NLHE on Doyle's site. I'm not too far from finishing Doyle's Room's bonus, so once that is done, I'll have to re-evaluate my play there. Bottom line, I've un-learned how to fold in the face of blatant strength when I'm holding a solid, but non-nut, hand. The result is countless bets I could be saving.

My MTT was a rush, though. I have one hand in particular which I will make my next "You Decide". Hopefully, I'll have that prepped for you later.

The 45-player SNG Challenge is moving along swimmingly. I've, honestly, been avoiding the 45-person SNGs, after my recent lack of placing. I'm hoping a little break will bring me some perspective, and it doesn't hurt knowing what I need to do to catch up with the rest of the crew. Current leader board is DrewsPop in 1st, Kaellinn in 2nd, and Poker Champ in 3rd.

Congrats to Gracie! She took 1st in the WPBT WSOP tourney and will be representing bloggers in a $1500 WSOP event of her choosing! That's damn cool. I wasn't there, mostly because of my allegiance to the Sopranos (what an episode!), coupled with the fact that good buddy Jefe came over to watch. I can't be pokering it up with company over!

Rumor has it, the next DADI may be for a WSOP seat. It might be a bit higher than the usual buy-in, but for a chance to play in the WSOP, its worth it!

I'm doing my best to make it to Okie-Vegas. Right now the prognosis is: Maybe. Sorry guys. I wish I could say definitely, but those who need to, know what's going on.

If you blog to make money, good luck. But you just don't get it, do you? You probably never will.

That's all for now. You go on with your bad selves.

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2/4get About It

Yeah. Well, I played a 45-player SNG last night but busted with my 88 v. QQ. Oh well! I then proceeded to play some 2/4 on Doyle's Room. I decided that it was time to move up after reading about FairNBalanced's move, which has returned good results. I think, generally, that he is right about the quality of play at 2/4 v. 1/2. It's not so much different. The swings however...that's another story.

I donked off 95$ before signing off (which I now realize is only 25 BBs, or so). I reloaded some more money onto Doyle's, hoping to finish the 7k points I need to earn my $75 bonus. An interesting thing happens sometimes when I bonus chase. I'll spend $200+ earning $75. I wonder if my time would be better spent sticking to my SNGs. I know the answer. It is plainly yes. But I want to be an all-around good player, so sometimes lessons are expensive.

The bottom line is, I am probably being too hard on myself. The truth was, I was merely pushing strong with great cards that were running into amazing cards. For instance, my KK v. AA, capping most of the way because the player was loose. Or, my AK v. AJ, with an AJ flop. Same loose player. How about my QQ running into runner runner flush! I even laid down JJ with all undercards because the board had hit a three-flush on the turn and there were three other players in the hand. The flop was all unders, but one guy stayed in, even after my initial raise, with 5c8c and hit his flush.

I'm a little upset about the financial loss, but I'm not too upset with my play. These are the breaks. Should I have signed off earlier, when I saw what I was consistently running into? I don't think so. I was reading the table, and I knew that I could make money if I had an infinite amount of time to let luck level out. As it were, I did spend a good amount of time at the table, but it didn't reach infinity, and the luckboxes kept luckboxing away. $100 is a significant loss for my $800 bankroll, and I plan on returning to $1/2 probably to finish my run at Doyle's.

In other news, I forgot to mention that I went to the G.I. (gastro-intestinal) doctor yesterday. It was 11am, and I had a client meeting at 2pm. Fortunately, my G.I. is nearby. I went in, told him what was wrong, and he told me that he would have to do an endoscopy. Basically, they put a spaghetti-sized camera down your throat and into your stomach. Well, he wanted to do it right then, and I hadn't eaten for the day, so nothing was stopping us. They put me to sleep (that stuff is goooooooooood), and when I woke up, I got the diagnosis. Hell, I don't remember what it is called, but its essentially an extreme form of GERD (acid-reflux) that reaches up to my esophagus and throat. Instead of taking a week to resolve, the doctor said it would take months. Lovely. But, the good part is that I know what is wrong with me (in that department, at least). So, yeah for me!

I'm also in 2nd place in the NCAA pool hosted by Mowenumdown and TripJax. Who woulda thunk. I know nothing. Have a great St. Patty's day!

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My Psychology of Poker

I have to give a hearty round of applause to Felicia Lee. Felicia is one of those bloggers who I read once a week or every other week, but whenever I do read her blog, I'm always gobbling up information like a Hungry Hungry Hippo on a Poker Knowledge Marble binge.

Recently, she started a series of posts titled the Psychology of Poker. You can read Part 2 through THIS LINK. What an insight! Let me add this to all bloggers out there: if you don't want to discuss strategy on your blog for fear of improving your reader's skills, you have your priorities backwards. I'm no pro, but I like to think that by sharing my strategies and thoughts, I am (a) processing my game better, (b) eliciting opinions to help my game, and (c) sharing the game with likeminded people who I enjoy and not with the general masses I see online or in the poker room.

With that in mind, I'd like to discuss my psychology at live casino poker games. I guess the best way to start is by taking an excerpt from Ms. Felicia:

I try to remain quiet and small. I like it when I come across a table where the men try to crowd me out of my space, so that I am more and more shrunken. I don't talk, I don't try to gain any attention. I usually just put my bets and raises out with one, silent motion. I'm the tiny, little mouse who crept up and stole their cheese.
Felicia, apparently, is the alpha to my omega. It is not that I like to act big and loud. That is hardly the case. But when I'm playing at a table, I can't help but mix it up with the table.

The truth of the matter is that I don't do it intentionally. I get to the table and I can't help but be social, usually making friends with my immediate neighbors and making an enemy across the table within the first hour. By hour four though, I've usually broken down all of those barriers, and everyone is my pal.

Is it an act? Not in the least. I like people...when they are playing poker (otherwise, they can all fuck themselves). Here are a bunch of fellow self-destructive degenerates playing a game for real money! Hey, let's all have fun. A side-effect is that I appear as one of two people. Sometimes, I'm the drunk loose crappy player who is there to gamble. In truth, I'm still playing relatively tight (I'm tighter live than online) and I get action when I want to as the drunk fun guy. Hell, I don't even need to drink to become this guy. It's all about the rush I get when I'm playing the game. When it's live and I'm in a big hand, I can't help but feel, well, high. That is where the name High On Poker came from, after all. In times like this though, I let my comments flow, but I keep my card selection good. People think that friendly and loud and talkative equals loose and/or stupid. They don't get fancy. They don't try to push me off of hands. And they will often call my bets because even though I'm playing tight, all they notice is that I am constantly mixing it up with other players. The fact that I folded doesn't register as quick if I'm also chatting and jokingly ragging on my opponents. A little quip here and there and they don't think, "Hey, he hasn't played a hand in two orbits, but now he is raising." Instead they think, "Hey, here's the loud fun guy, playing for the hell of it. Let's call him and see what's up!"

Then there is the other side of it. As a showboater, I don't mind showing cards, especially if I think it will get respect from the table. A perfect example happened on my last AC trip. My table-buddy, who I just met, was sitting on my right. He was on the button and I was in the BB with QQ. There were a few limpers, and my table-buddy, Pat, raises with KK. I don't know this, so on the button, I re-raise to 22 (1/2 blinds). Only Pat calls. The flop are all unders. I check. He bets 20. I raise to 50. He looks down and goes all in. I fold face-up, showing the QQ. He showed his KK. This is the other Jordan. This is the Jordan that says, oh, by the way, I'm here to take all of your money. I guess the best time to whip out this gem is when you want to show the table that it isn't monkey-time poker. It's a good way to combat people trying to push you around. Make a good play. Show it. Let them think about it. I know in that instance I had a lot of people impressed at the table. It's not my goal to impress them with my skills, but it is my goal to control them psychologically.

I guess, then, where Felicia likes to disappear into the table, I like to run the show, but not as an overlord. Rather, I'm like the carnival clown, keeping things light and fun. When I need to curb some action or show that I'm not just a clown, I can calm the table down by showing my plays. Let them see that there is a brain working behind this idiot's mask.

It's all about tempo, setting up the table, bending them to your will. I want to mix it up with the players because I want them to be mixed up. I want them to have fun and to enjoy losing their money. I want them to think that its a fun game where calling with a less-than-optimal hand is all in good fun. And when I don't want this anymore, when I want them to avoid me, I'll show some strength.

I guess there is nothing new here. I want to get out there for some live poker so I can think about this in a real world setting.

I want to make something else clear, though. I appreciate Felicia's style. In a way, I wish it were mine. It's not easy playing the cruise director, yucking it up. But it is what comes naturally. In the end, that's the best advice I can give. You can't act like someone else. You have to be an extension of yourself. That is the way to success.

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Free Free and More Free

Last night, I bolted from my office at 5:55, once Robbie Hole called me from the All-In Party at the ESPN Zone. According to his sources, they were starting at 6:30, and I didn't want to miss a minute of the action.

Of course, his source was a moron. In all actuality, the doors didn't open until 7pm, but I was glad to be there scouting the scene. The bottom floor of the ESPN Zone was roped off. There were probably 30 poker tables of varying shapes and sizes scattered throughout the room. At about 6:30, we returned to see a crowd forming by the velvet ropes in the entrance portion of the restaurant (it is 4 or more floors). We wanted to move into position, and I scouted a table near the end of the ropes. That, I figured, would be the registration table. We moved into position just before they started the registration set up. Thankfully, I was right. At this rate, we'd be among the first 10 people inside. But then the announcement came: "Could everyone please form a line outside of the building to the left."

Now, when something like this happens, you can do two things: (1) Bitch and moan and try to get them to let you stay in the front, or (2) book your ass to the outside line. Hole and Roose, my partners in crime, didn't move right away, but I sure as hell did. Out the doors and onto the new line, we moved into about 15th place. Roose and Hole came out a couple of minutes later, glad to see that I was in position.

We finally entered the party room at about 7pm. I was surprisingly NOT on the guest list, even though I got the invite from Bhu, All-In's owner. But I was able to finagle my way inside with Roose and Hole, and once I got ahold of some free stuff, all was forgotten.

The first stop was the bar. Free drinks! I started with a Coors Light, because of my weak-ass throat. I went to my assigned poker table, and sat down. Fortunately, it was right by the kitchen's entrance, so I had a steady stream of appetizers coming out. Sliders (mini-burgers), chicken fingers, egg rolls, wrap sandwiches, and skewered beef made up my dinner. Roose and Hole were right behind me. As you can tell, I was moving quick all the while, trying to get mine in a world of free stuff.

The tourney was slow to start, and because of delays, they started at the 2nd blind level, 50/100. Each played had 2500 in chips, so it wasn't a complete push fest. I have to admit, though, that the prize selection was poor. First place got an X-Box 360. 2nd and 3rd got i-pod Shuffles. 4th through 10th got Party Poker chips. I mean, come on. I can earn that stuff on PSO with less effort! But free is free, and for that, I could not complain.

I played a reasonable game. If I were a little looser in the first couple of hands, I would have flopped top pair twice with KT and won the hands. But I was trying to play seriously. Once I found out what the prizes were, though, I changed my mind. I convinced a waitress to get me three shots of tequila, even though shots weren't allowed. I guess tipping (I was one of the few that did) helped a bit. That and my devastating charm. Shots for Roose, Hole and I, and then more beer and a rum & coke, the official casino drink of High On Poker. I asked for Capt and Coke, but she returned with Bacardi and Coke, and asked if that was alright. I'm not picky, so I thanked her. She then mentioned that she brought another Coors if I didn't want the Bacardi. I'll take that too, thank you.

I didn't get any good hands. In the end, I was in the BB with 2100 chips, with 800 in the pot as my BB (i.e., 1300 left). One player from early position raised to 2k, and I pushed all-in. He called with 33 v. my T5. I fail to double up, and I'm out. Hole was out before me, Roose was out after. On a side note, they gave seats based on when you entered, so we were all at the same table. At first, I thought this was bad, but now I realize that it was about having fun with the people you were with, and not winning an X-Box.

With some time to kill, I went to the front registration to sign up for a free one-year subscription. More freebies! When I got there, I noticed "goody bags" being handed out to people leaving. I took mine early to ensure that it didn't run out. The booty included a Party Poker hat and collared shirt, a deck of cards, a key-chain, and an issue of All-In. Free free free.

After Roose pushed with AQ preflop and lost to TT (he admittedly was ready to go) we all headed our separate ways. There were some shortcomings to the party. The begining was poorly run, the prizes were weak, and there were no celebrity poker players. But the free stuff makes up for it all. Thanks, All-In.

On a side note, let me add that the party was open to all subscribers, so I guess the blog thing doesn't make me THAT special. But, it did help Bhu find and invite me, so I'm still chalking this up as an event I got through this lovely blog contraption. See Ma! I'm not wasting my time! And put down that bottle, it isn't even noon!

When I got home, I spent some much-needed time with wifey Kim. For the first time in a while, the GERD felt like an annoyance, rather than a crippling affliction. We watched a bit of American Idol until I couldn't take it any more. I signed online and jumped into a 18-person $10+1 SNG with Mowenumdown and Surflexus. Let me just say that I have had a great time online lately, because the bloggers have been getting together a shit load for SNG action. The 45-person SNG Challenge is partially to blame, but otherwise, I think it is simply this: poker is more fun when its with people you know and like. Thanks, fockers! As it turned out, I won the gosh darned thing, netting a little over $60 profit. Thank Jebus! Mow took 3rd. Go us!

Finally, Veneno is the acting Commissioner for the Heads Up Challenge 3. She is changing the format slightly, and making a bracket of 32 players. I believe there are 5 or less spots left, and she's amassed an awesome list of participants. So if you are interested, check out the HUC3 blog or Veneno's blog. Come play with the best!

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All In Party

Thanks for the comments regarding yesterday's post. A big thanks to BSN, who apparently has GERD and told me that my symptoms match up. Thank god!

I'm looking forward to tonight, when I go to the All In Magazine premeire party at ESPN Zone cohosted or sponsored or something by Party Poker in NYC with Dave Roose and Robbie Hole. I got an email from Bhu Srinivasan, the partial owner of the mag, emailed me about my NY based blog to invite me to the soiree. I can appreciate anyone who treats bloggers like real life media! Hell, that' s because, in some ways, we are. In the end, we bloggers/blogs are a mix between a local self-published magazine or newspaper, and a knitting circle of gabbing ole ladies playing canaster. As many people in the marketing field know (I hope, unless I'm talking out of my ass, in which case, excuse my breath), sometimes word of mouth can be more powerful than a written ad campaign. All In Magazine gets it. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to rub elbows with other poker bloggers. Unfortunately, I know so very few by site.

I'm hoping they have a freeroll tourney. I don't see how they can't. I'm not 100%, but I'm going to give my GERD the works tonight, with free food and booze.

On the 45 SNG Challenge front, DrewsPop (aka CJ) is taking an early lead with 2 cashes in 6 games. I'm holding 2nd with my one 4th place finish. GCox has 3rd with his one 5th. Of course, many players have yet to really get going. One side effect is that whenever I go online lately, there is someone looking for a 45 SNG to play, and I'm usually game. Hell, BSN and I even entered one yesterday only to realize after we entered that we were playing in the same one.

That's all for today folks. Keep an eye out for my recap of the festivities tonight (or at least as much as I can remember).

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On the Board

I'm on the board. I think it only took about 5 tries, but 4th place is a good start. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, CLICK HERE.

PokerStars Tournament #21339105, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $6.00/$0.50
45 players
Total Prize Pool: $270.00
Tournament started - 2006/03/14 - 22:42:43 (ET)

Dear HighOnPokr,

You finished the tournament in 4th place.
A $30.00 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

Thank you for participating.

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Therapuetic Blogging


I feel like shit.

About a month or two ago, I had random days where it would feel like someone was pressing upon my adam's apple or that space in the center of your neck, right above the clavicle. It came and went. I didn't even pay much attention to it. I just figured that I was getting fat, and my shirt collars were too small.

Two weeks ago, the throat problem became constant. I went to a new doctor, but she sucks. She's Russian, and I don't trust her at all. Those two statements aren't entirely linked, but I can't help but feel like she prefers my Insurance payments more than treating me. I went in two Fridays ago. My appointment was at 3:15. I saw the doctor at about 4:30. This alone was enough to upset me. Meanwhile, I had done my own research and had reasoned that my sickness was probably a thyroid problem. The symptoms of a thyroid problem (which I exhibited) include the thyroid impinging on my throat, weight gain (nothing substantial), dry skin, loss of hair (insert joke here), and fatigue. I had them all.

Dr. M told me that it could be my thyroid, but she'd have to do a blood test. She couldn't do one on Friday because I had eaten, so my blood sugar and cholesterol would be off. She wanted me to come back sometime next week. I asked her if the food would effect the thyroid test, and she told me no. To which I replied, "I'm here for my thyroid, so take the test. I can't take off from work for nothing." She took the test. At the time, I was in the middle of a horrible cold, so those symptoms seem to muddy the waters. Dr. M provided some random allergy medication and something else. I took them all, and they did jack shit.

I arranged for another appointment for the next Friday after the weekend saw my neck in the same horrible condition. My cold was improving, but my neck was just as bad. I could barely eat (which I love to do) because of nausea, combined with the pain of swallowing. So, I set the appointment for 3:00 on Friday. I got there at 3. I didn't see her until 4:30. Fucking bullshit. When I saw her, I had one goal in mind: get a referral (required by my insurance) to see an ENT specialist (Ear, Nose & Throat) about my throat. She told me that the thyroid test was fine...but that she was concerned with my blood sugar levels! BITCH, I thought. CHECK YOUR FUCKING RECORDS! I ATE BEFORE IT! I explained it to her, but in more civil terms. She told me that she still wanted me to come back for a blood test. I told her, "First, I solve the neck. Then we can have a physical." I resigned myself to never going back to that shill. I did, however, get a referral, not to a ENT, but to a GI (gastro-intestinal). It turns out that the new prime suspect is Acid Reflux Disease.

Now, GERD (that's its technical name) sounds like a bitch disorder. Oh, so your acid enters your esophagus! Just take some antacids. Well, fuck you too! Because it's fucking breaking me. I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday. I have heartburn. My back aches. My throat is soar. It burns, and when I lie down, or when I burp or when I cough or when I breath I can feel the acidic taste entering the back of my mouth. And I have to wait until Thursday, just to know if that is what is wrong with me.

Meanwhile, I woke up from last night stressed about the trial I've been assisting with. I thought as I awoke, Maybe I should stay up. I can get to the office early and get some stuff done. I looked at the clock. It was 2:30. I then woke up every hour until 6:00. I then woke up every 10 minutes until 6:40. I then woke up every 5 minutes until 6:55. I gave up and started my shower.

I feel like shit. My throat hurts, my back hurts, I'm exhausted and stressed, I can't eat because of the throat pain and nausea, but I know that not eating is bad for me. I feel broken, and the worst part is, I don't know how or when I'll be fixed. That's probably the scariest thing. I might not even have GERD.

So, I'm bitching. And I'm sorry. But I needed to get this out so I can accept this bullshit. I'm so fucking tired.

I felt the same way last night. Add to it all the late night at the office scrambling to prep for today, and I was in bad shape. My game suffered. My ability to socialize even suffered.

I think I'm done complaining for now. Man, I'm tired. I know this isn't a sick-bitch blog, and I know that I am probably exposing this shit to my friends and family who read this, and frankly (Ruff and others) excuse me for being such an extroverted bitch when it comes to this shit. But also, thanks for not giving me shit about it later, when I'm reading this and going, what was the big deal! The Dr. told me it was only gas!

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Bad Host

I've been a bad host. Things at work and my new affliction have made life miserable for me, so I apologize for not sticking around longer to watch the tournament. Hell, I don't even know who won. But I want to thank everyone who came out and played. I played like a stooge, and went out 52nd out of 57 people. Go me! But I have to go now. I'll be back to a regular posting schedule soon. Thanks for reading.

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Quick Post About Everything

Im gonna post in 5 min or less, so excuse typos, crappy grmamer and other problems. To make thi even more interesting, I will not be suiong the backspace key. Here goes:

I did no tplay in the WPBT even t latst night, because of the Sopranos. Sorry guys. I really wanted to play, but I've been waiting 2 yrs for the Sopranos and only a couple onf weeks for the WPBT event. I will attend the next one if possible.

I can't wait for tonitght for teh DADI event. I like shorthanded action. It makes everyhting a lot olooser.

I also cant wait for the start of the 45SNGC (sseee sidebar link under, well, links). It started--ignore that--starts tonite following the DADI event, and I have a feeling, we'll be seeing more than a few players /challengers starting their first tourneys tonight. If you didn't join the challenge but still want to play with bloggers following DADI, I'm sure you could join us. Yahoo messenger ID HighOnPokr (neo E).

Iggy has a $30 MTT scheduled for a WSOP seat for bloggers only. I need to email him to get he passeword. I'm looking forward to it.

Sopranos was good. Three deaths (well 2, because you know one of them won't stick), but good anyway.

I have to go to th ebacnk ignore that bathroom really bad right bnow.

Um, I think that is it. Funny story about court later. Bye.

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DADI Tonight

Thank you all for your kind anniversary/blog birthday words. But since I am so fucking busy, I have to make this brief. Please, for the love of god, play in the DADI event tonight. It's shorthanded poker. I expect to see you all there. And, suffice it to say, there will be a upcoming story about how I made an ass of myself when entering court for my first trial ever...within one minute of walking through the doors. See you tonight!

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My Blog's First Birthday

Picture it: a law firm in NYC, March 2005. I was a young impressionable girl, just off the boat from Sicily. He was a tall strapping Blog, with long flaxen hair...

Happy Birthday Blog! Or should I say Happy Anniversary! It was one year ago today that I decided to start this humble blog. My reasoning was simple. I stumbled upon Tao of Poker via the Intrepid Card Player when I was seeking a way to get to at the office where SurfControl blocked that site. After lurking and reading for a few months, I decided to take a crack at writing, myself. My goal was simple: write about poker when I couldn't play about poker.

Over the course of the last year (boy that went fast), I went through a wedding, being laid off, finding new work, meeting bloggers, and playing a bucket load of poker. By far, the highlight of the year was marrying beautiful wifey Kim. She even took a moment to leave a comment in the last post. She is my alpha and my omega. So, I'd like to thank her for giving me the time and encouragement to play poker and to write.

The lowlight of the year must have been getting laid off. Fortunately, that had a silver lining and I am now at a higher-paying job in a firm that fits me better.

But lets focus on the blog. I feel like I've accomplished a lot here, but I've done that post before about the great people, readers and bloggers. So let me focus on some of the technical aspects. At first, I was glad to get 10 readers a day. Hell, for the first week, I didn't even tell anyone (except for maybe Pauly) that the blog existed. I pride myself on trying to write daily (during the week) and I guess some people started reading and linking up. It helped when I met Pauly in May of last year. After that, readers grew to about 20-30 daily. I felt like a real star. By July, the Limit Challenge and SNG Challenge allowed me to connect with more bloggers. I broke the 100 readers on one day mark in August. I didn't see that number again until October. I also broke 10,000 total hits in October 2005. The DADI events were invented on a whim, and Trip and I had over 60 players on the first event, actually beating Wil Wheaton's turnout, but to be fair, Wheaton has his weekly and would probably get a better turn out 9 times out of 10. Still, the feeling of accomplishment is there. In December I hit over 150 readers on one day foir the first time. Not long after in January, I hit 25,000 hits total. Since then, the blog has been going strong. I look forward to other milestones. I don't mention this for any other reason than to say, my how this has grown. And also, Thank You to all of my readers, to all of the bloggers, and to my family and friends who have supported me.

Oh, and feel free to sign up for VPP, PSO, or my for Rake Back at (referral name: HighOnPoker, which you should enter in your registration email to the site). I've been using Online Poker Rake Back for Doyle's Room, and I'm looking forward to my first rake back soon. And, yes, I had to shill. Hey, one year doesn't come cheap!

Thanks again. Now go sign up for DADI.

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De-Lucking SNGs

I want to make a quick post inspired by a late night conversation with DP from WiredPairs last night.

DP and I were talking about all things poker, and eventually he made a comment akin to this: "If you win a lot of tournaments, it's because you get lucky a lot."

Now, DP is a cash game player. He likes to focus on the big games, $2K NL and such. He and I are practically diametrically opposed in our philosophies. Whereas I would like to work my way up to the big stakes by slowly climbing up from the low stakes, DP feels that he is more successful at the high stakes, and therefore he should not waste his bankroll on the lower stakes. I don't suppose that this has much to do with the eventual topic to be discussed, but it provides a little bit of background on DP.

When DP made the comment regarding tournaments, I immediately felt defensive. Is my MTT SNG success due to me being lucky? I suppose to some extent, luck helps. But then I realized the answer: "When I play SNGs, I do well because I don't LET luck be a factor."

That is right, folks. I can control luck and make it negligible in many situations. I won't say MOST situations. You can play super tight and then push with KK and run into AA, and that's the breaks. Vice versa, you can push with AA and get called by KK and still lose. You are not going to escape that aspect of the game. But you can minimize luck's role in tournaments, and, in fact, I consider it probably the #1 reason for my recent SNG/MTT success.

If you are dominating a hand, you may have a 65%-35% advantage over your opponent. But that is not enough. If your opponent folds, suddenly you have a 100% advantage. That is what you want.

As an example, which is illustrative of my recent mentality early in tournaments: You have KK in mid-position. There are a couple of limpers before you. Should you: (a) Limp and try to slowplay, (b) raise modestly and try to narrow the field, or (c) raise heavy. No one in their right mind would do (a), because you don't want KK against 6 other random hands. Choice (b) seems like an obvious route, so that you can maybe get 2 callers, some decent scratch, and then make some post flop moves. Choice (c), however, is the move of choice if you want to minimize luck. Raise heavy. Make that AJ think twice. Scare away the 99. Yes, you have those hands dominated. BUT if you are playing a long tournament, you are going to be playing a lot of hands. If you are going to win 4 out of 5 times (watch this!) and you are in that situation 5 times in the tournament, you are going to lose statistically at least once! That once might be when you are all-in. You'll be sitting thier slack jawed, wondering how Ad9d called your preflop raise from 50 to 200 and then hit his flush (or his ace, of a set of 9s, or a 4-card straight), but you have ignored something. You've done this already on several occassions, and statistically, you are going to lose. Now, raise it from 50 to 500 and watch him fold. Tada! You've eliminated luck.

Okay, so some players will call your bet to 500 with Ad9d. Good! At least they are paying big money, and when they miss, you'll get a big chunk of change. But you'd rather have them fold and pick up their blinds.

Okay, okay. If the blinds are tiny, like 10/20 with stacks of 1500, those meager blinds might not be enough to make you feel that you got value for your KK. I'll give you that, cowpoke. You can make a raise from 20 to 200 and hope to get callers (its equivalent in proportion to your 50 to 500 raise). But even in the early stages, taking in the blinds will do a lot to build table image (which matters more in tourneys than in cash games).

The other side of the coin is folding marginal hands. I know it is tempting to play those suited A-rags, and other marginal hands, but don't. Don't especially in the early rounds. Simply put, any time you are in a hand, you give someone an opportunity to make you unlucky. As an example, you have 1425, with blinds of 15/30, in late position with KJd and decide to limp after 4 other players limped before you. Now the BB minimum raises, and everyone calls. You decide to call because its a mere 30 into a 300+ pot and you have decent odds. You flop a KJ4. You are in great shape! That is, unless someone else had 44. Or, maybe someone has AK and the next card is an Ace. Or, maybe someone has K4, and the next card is a 4. Or, maybe someone has AJs and runner runner flushes you. Or, maybe someone has TT and turns a ten. See also QT hitting a straight on the turn. Now, if I am in this position, I would bet or raise big, hoping to get an idea of where I am at if it comes to me for relatively cheap. You have to play the cards, and you have to like what you see with top two-pair and try to take it down. But wouldn't it have been easier just to fold in the first place? The answer is yes. And now you wouldn't be in a position to let luck screw you.

Final thoughts: This really applies to online tournaments moreso than live tournaments, because live you may pick up tells or know things that allow you to outplay your competitors post-flop. But online, most of those tells are negated. Finally, I don't know much. This is just a theory and I know that a lot of people might not agree with it, and some other people might think that it is all very obvious. Those people can feel free to leave comments. For the rest of you, consider how you can reduce the opportunities to be unlucky. It will change poker from a game of chance to a game of semi-controlled outcomes. Enjoy!

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Today's Special: SNGs!

As you may have read, I played a 45-person SNG warmup last night with an illustrious group of bloggers. I outlasted the others (with nothing short of ballsy luck) and placed barely inside the money, netting 7th place. This is a good omen before the 45-p SNG Challenge starting immediately after the DADI Shorthanded Event. As for the DADI event, we only had 3 people signed up as of last night. I can't encourage people enough to sign up early. It builds excitement, and, let's admit it, you are playing anyway. The event is set for this Monday. Feel free to nab the banner (check the DADI link above) or the side banner (see side bar) and pimp the hell out of it. It's not a High On Poker/TripJax event, but rather a blogging event, and we look forward to playing with friends and foe alike.

On that note, here's hoping that Iggy can lock down a date and time for the $30 Blogger-Only Satellite to the WSOP. Much kudos to Iggy for planning such an event. I, for one, am willing to go outside of my usual buy-ins to do my part to make a blogger's mark on the WSOP.

So, after placing in the 45-p SNG (my third place out of four tries recently, and my third out of three tries in turbo games), I started a shorthanded three-table (i.e., 18-player, 6-seats-per-table) SNG on Stars with GCox, Surflexus, and DuggleBogey. The result, I placed 3rd, netting another SNG win. My strategy involved folding every hand for the first 20 minutes, using my toe on the laptop mouse, while I (I hate this word) cuddled with wifey Kim as she fell asleep. Her friend was staying over and sleeping in the living room, and I had been playing poker all night. I love wifey Kim's ability to oversee my poker...obsession...but I also wanted to spend some time with her before she fell asleep.

After that 20 minutes of folding (I had no good cards anyway), I was full into the SNG and used my usual patience early on, followed by aggression when the blinds are significant, to make my way to chipleader when we were down to 4. Long story short, once we were down to three, it was VERY SLOW GOING. I don't remember how I lost my lead (by then it was 10K v. 10K v. 6K or so), but eventually I went out. I was just happy to have moneyed in my two SNGs.

Earlier that night, I donked $25 in 1/2 Limit on Doyle's Room. I must admit, I'm starting to think I should stick with SNGs online. I've been steadily loosing (or so it feels) in limit cash games. I don't trush my NL cash game because of the high variance. But, in the end, I think I'm simply running hot in SNGs and cold in cash games. Live cash games (hopefully) are not a problem. I haven't played in a while, but in AC, I usually like my results.

That's all for now. I'm uber-busy again at the office, so this post is sucking time away from me. Sign up for DADI and pimp it, will ya? Thanks!

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45p SNGC Practice Rd. 1

I've decided to live blog a 45-person turbo SNG. I'm playing with six other bloggers. Once I got the mind to play, I decided to IM everyone and see who was interested. It's a good group: Drizz, TripJax, WeakPlayer, Kaellinn, Garthmeister, Mowenumdown, and me. Mow was the first one out.

9:46- I have about 1300. I lost some when my JT hit a straight, but lost to a higher JA straight. Blinds are already 50/100. In the BB, its folded to me, so I bet to 300 with A5o and take the blinds. I then fold 22, with one limper before me. SB goes all-in so I'm happy.

9:50- BB with Q5. The flop is 2 diamonds, and I have none. The small stack SB (the only other player in the hand) min bets and I smooth call, hoping to bluff a flush if the next card is a diamond. It is, and he checks. I bet 300, about half of his stack. He folds. Victory! I then fold my SB to Garthmeister's bet in MP. He's the only other blogger at my table.

9:52- 77 on the button, and the shortstack on my right limps. I raise to 600. 75/150 blinds. SB and BB fold, and as expected, the shortstack has to call with A4. I take it down. 2415.

9:54- Drizz is out. QQ in MP. 3x BB bet. Called by a player. Ace on the flop. I bet 3x again, but he pushes. I fold. 1515. Kaellin has joined our table, to my right in a severe shortstack. And he's out 77 v QQ.

9:58- Weak is at our table, and I'm sitting on his BB.

10:00- Hammer! 100/200 blinds with 1400. Raised to 600 from MP/LP and take the blinds. I show it too. Garth types BOYAKASHA! I, of course, type HAMMER! Garth then doubles up with AT v. AK preflop. 1590. Antes are now in effect, and I'm officially in the Rule of 10!

10:02- Limp with KQ in the CO. Stupid move when I miss the flop. Weak is out in the next hand, 2 pair v a set. 1090.

10:04- AK in LP/MP. I push and take down the flop. 1540.

10:05- Folded to me in the BB with K3. 1615 or so after paying some antes and folding.

10:06- 200/400 blinds, 25 antes, and 1590. AA. All-in in EP/MP. Take the blinds. I show, and two people say NH. WTF? I didn't do anything! 2315 though. Nice! Still in the Rule of 10 though.

10:09- Fold my BB and SB to EP raises and suddenly I'm back down to 1640.

10:11- Down to 12 players, and I'm #12. Doesn't look good. I'm going to look for any opportunities to push, now that we are shorthanded. Blinds are 300/600, 50 ante and I have 1540. Desperation Station. 64h in the BB, folded to me. 66 in SB. I have to fold to Garth's big raise in MP. 1690.

10:13- A7o v. JTo. I raised all-in from EP and the SB called, because he had 8K or so on top of me. He hits his T on the flop, but I river the Ace! I have over 3K. Weak calls it a suckout. I call it a redraw. After all, I was ahead when all the money went in.

10:14- AQs in the SB. Raise from EP so I push on top. Vs. 66. I hit my Q on the flop, and I have 6780. I want to raise on the button with KTs on the next hand, but I fold. Flop is KT, but one guy is all-in and rivers a straight.

10:16- Trip is out. We are down to 10 and only Garth and I are left. 6180.

10:20- Garth is out in 8th. I'm ITM. Folded to my T4s in the BB. KJo in SB. I complete the blind and flop top 2 pair. I check-raise. He calls and I push after the next card. He calls with K4. Over 14K now. AT on the button. I fold, just to be safe. T-high flop, but all spades, and I had none. I'm 2nd in chips!

10:24- Push with K8o in late position, because the two blinds have under 2K. They both fold and I steal the blinds. Raise 2x the BB (3600 total) UTG with A9o. Someone pushes all in for 4K more and with a 15K pot, I have to call. He has A8. He hits his 8. Oh well oh well. 8K left.

10:26- Folds to my BB. I love that. I complete my SB and then fold when I miss the flop.

10:27- A shortstack is all-in in the BB, but gets lucky and triples up. Damn. The other shortstack triples up in the next hand. Ug!

10:29- J2 in the BB. Someone pushes for less than the BB with K6. I flop a J, but he rivers a K. A8h in SB. I'm going to push with the 3,771 I have behind me. Vs. TT, I flop two hearts, but river an Ace, which is enough to double up and have 12K.

10:31- Small stack doubles up after being dominated. No one can lose in this damn final table!

10:32- I push in MP with 9Ts. I'm out in 7th. $6 for my effort. The last play was suspect, but one guy was all-in in the SB no matter what, and I hoped to steal the BB, which was a decent amount of scratch. Someone called my all-in after me, and to make it worse, the shortstack hit a four flush. If he lost, I'd take 6th place. Oh well. I placed, and for that I'm proud.

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