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HighOnPoker.Net & Bodog Review

Oh, it's on! In my never ending quest for legitimacy, I have purchased the rights to So, I encourage people to save 8 keystrokes and link to rather than that old craggy Either way though, the content is the same.

I just finished grinding away a bonus on Bodog. $50 bonus....after $50 of losses at 1/2. Treading water sucks ass, and I really want to stick it out with Bodog for a while, so that I can (a) prove that I don't suck and win back my money and (b) work on my limit game. There's something else keeping me there too. I kinda like the software.

The site has been revamped and I believe Kipper reviewed the site on his blog. If memory serves correct, Kipper said that the new site is aweful, but I must disagree. After all, it's what I do as the self-proclaimed Devil's Advocate of Poker Bloggers.

Bodog's new software is different. That is for sure. But it has some great advantages. You can see up to three screens at once, with one screen large and the other two on the side in a smaller format. The smaller format is still set up like a poker table, with the players arranged in a ring, as opposed to Ultimate Bet's mini view, which arranges all players in a line. I never could get used to the UB mini view, but as TripJax has told me, it probably just takes some time.

On that note, let me encourage people to sign up for Bodog via PSO. The requirement for the bonus is a mere 200 Bodog points, and Bodog gifts you 50 to start. If you play an hour nightly (for instance), expect the promo to take a week or so. For your troubles, I suggest you take the 6000 PSO points and use bonus code NEWYEAR to get 9000 points. That's enough for any of the usual prizes ($50 giftcards, poker table, chips, books, etc.) AND then some.

I also heard from the lovely Karol of I Had Outs that Joe, a dealer at Genoa, knew that he was mentioned in a blog. She asked which one and he named High On Poker. And to think I didn't even know that he read this tripe. He probably was just searching for anything that mentioned Genoa, but hell, it's still kind of interesting to find out that people that you 'know' have read your blog. I better stop talking shit about him though....ah, who are we kidding! (By the way, I don't believe I ever talked any smack about him at all).

That's it folks. Sign up for the DADIII event. Need details? Check a couple of posts before this or click on the banner on the right. I'm too lazy to make a hyperlink for ya.

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At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember giving a site a bad review but don't recall it to be Bodog...I could be wrong though. I like that you can change the table 'felt' colors though!!

Anyway...Glad to see you went with your own domain name!! Excellent work! Welcome to the realm of being a true web 'nerd'

At 3:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ohh..I may have left a comment on someones site too.

At 6:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw Karol and Joe together two nights ago. Are they an item?

At 1:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

'An item'? Do people really use that phrase? No, despite Joey being completely adorable, we're not 'an item.' This has to be the weirdest comment I've ever seen on a poker blog, even more so because I don't know anyone named Minh that plays at AI.

At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the new software layout; it just takes a little time to get used to. The random generator feels "rigged"...sorry....I'm just being honest.
That being said...I deposited $100 2 days ago with $100 signon bonus...and now i have $235 after player for 2 days....multitabling 3 tables(two .5/.10nl and one .10/.25nl).

I started tilting on my 2nd day...i many times am i gonna get rivered after putting a drawer all-in?

Players are horrible; but the bad beats are even worse! Just tread carefully when playing at Bodog!


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