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Poker Weekend

If all goes well, this weekend and upcoming week will be jam packed with Pokery goodness. But lets first look at yesterday's poker action.

I played two heads-up matches against Veneno. I could probably play HU v. Veneno every day for 2 months and not get bored of it. I won only the first game, but it was for $10. The 2nd game was for $5, based on V's request. Her rule of thumb: if you lose one game, drop to a lower a buy-in. It's a faulty rule because it'll make it harder to climb out of the hole, but it's also pure genius, because often one loss begets another. My record against V is 4-3, which isn't too shabby, seeing as she is a blogger v. blogger Heads-Up specialist (although you wouldn't know from the HUC2).

I then played a $20 freezeout with GCox on Titan. This was too high for my current bankroll, probably, but I love freezeouts. I became short-stacked (I ALWAYS BECOME SHORTSTACKED!) and pushed in the cut-off with 22. One player called with A4o, and hit the 4 on the flop. Then I hit a four-flush. Booya! In the vey next hand, I held AKo and pushed one from the cutoff. I was called by K8c! We both hit Ks, but he hit runner runner flush to take me out. Booya! GCox placed 19th, which must have been dissappointing. I have to admit though, G is one of those players whose game I really admire. Him and "dreamy" Scott. (Just looking at his blog, it appears he was in the same tourney and placed in the top 10!)

Oh well. At least I have some poker to look forward to. On Saturday, if I am at all able, I am jumping into Pauly's 1pm $10 MTT on PokerStars. In that same vein, if I can swing it, I want in on Wil Weaton's $10 MTT of PokerStars tonight. Realistically speaking though, I have plans to go back to LI with wifey Kim tonight, and we should be at my mother-in-law's tomorrow, helping her clean out a storage closet. My weekend is packed with fun activities!

On Sunday, I have gotten the go ahead from wifey Kim (aka She Who Must Be Obeyed, in a nice way of course) to play in Little Acorn Man's UK v. US SNG. My money is on America. If we could whoop their ass in the Revolutionary War, a stupid SNG should be no problem. Don't bluff until you see the whites of their cards!

Other than that, wifey Kim has brunch plans Sunday morning, while I will be waiting for the cable guy to deliver our 2nd DVR box. While I'm waiting, might as well play! I plan on finishing my Paradise Poker bonus via PSO (referral code: HighOnPoker) and earn myself just about enough PSO points for a $100 BestBuy gift certificate. I can thank Aussie Dave for helping me out, as well as an unknown player for also using my referral link. Whoever you are, make yourself known so I can spread the love! And while you are at it, quit being such a prag and check out VegasPokerPro for gift certificates, poker chips, and other gifts that are even easier to earn.

So, I am thinking about putting money into Party Poker because of Kipper's recent success in the Step Tourneys and other players hyping up the Shootout tourneys. But I may also need to deposit money into Poker Stars for Acorn's SNG. In anticipation, I withdrew $50 from Titan last night. I checked my Neteller account when I got confirmation that the withdrawal went through, and what do I see? $100! I guess I must've already withdrew $50 a couple of days ago. Long story short, I just found myself an extra $50! Sweet! Of course, that'll probably go to cover my HUC2 loss (and GCox's loss, since I never paid him for the HUC1).

Finally, the end of Genoa has caused my homegame to rise from the ashes. This Wednesday I plan to hold a $20 rebuy tourney at my apartment. I also hope to have a 2nd game scheduled for next Saturday, when wifey Kim will be in Connecticut.

That's all for now.

I love poker. Pokery, poker, poker. Here it goes down, down into my belly...

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At 11:59 AM, Blogger GaryC said...

I admire your aggression also, J. I think we could find a pretty solid player if we were to merge your aggression and my tight-assedness.


At 2:27 PM, Blogger Dave said...

May just join in the fun on some of those tourneys this weekend. Wil Wheaton's and Dr Paulys sound like a good excuse for MTT action. I'm going to be in a couple of freerolls over on Absolute also as I just signed up with them and get to do a new depositors freeroll. Woot. Wish me luck. I took half my bankroll out of Poker Stars to fund my bonus whoring over at Absolute. Maybe see you on the Stars bloggers tourneys later on... pokerdwarf on Poker Stars.

At 2:55 PM, Blogger Jordan said...

Chip, I hoped you used PSO or VPP when signing up for Absolute. If I'm not mistaken, you've used PSO before, so I'm sure you used it this time.

At 11:49 PM, Blogger Yoyo (Poker Poison) said...

Wow..thanks for the kind words Jordan. I definitely enjoy the challenge of playing HU matches with you. Anytime! And I don't always drop in the price of the games I play, but you have a better track record against me than most..and my bankroll is running I was being more reserved. It was a sign of respect. I didn't think I could beat you easily.


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