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38 Special and O-ma-ha-god!

Omaha can kiss my ass. I played 2 games last night, a 6-person $10 Omaha PL SNG with GCox, and a 10-person $5 NLHE SNG on UB with GCox and TripJax.

First off, I should've known better in both situations. It was my idea to play the Omaha SNG, even though I know that me and Omaha don't get along. G and I were cruising Titan deciding on an SNG, and were planning on entering the $10 NLHE SNG. Now, Titan has bonus SNGs, where you can win extra dough (and a good amount of extra dough, too) by winning x amount of the bonus SNGs in a row. This must attract the fish, because the last time that G and I played in the regular 10-person $10 SNG, it was a very tight table. Well, we are looking at the 0/10 status of the NL SNG, and I notince that there are already two out of 6 players (2/6) waiting for an Omaha 6-person SNG. I love action, so I told G we should go for it.

I played tight, I think. I didn't do anything too nuts for a while. I even won a huge hand when my pocket AA held up, surprising considering what my opponent must've been calling with. But somehow, someway, I lost a series of hands and was shortstacked. I held 689T, with suited spades. The flop was 667, with two hearts. I was on the short-stack, so I raised the pot and got two callers. The turn was my T, giving me a full house. I pushed for what little I had left and got two callers. The river was a Q. One player pushed (I was already all-in) and the other player waitied. During this wait, I said to G, "It's over. Someone has a higher full-house." I was right. The pusher had 6Q in his hand, and had sucked out on the river. Fuck Omaha!

So, Trip comes online, and I say, let's play an SNG together. Trip only has money on Bodog and UB, so we decide on UB. GCox is kind enough to send me $5 because my UB account is so low. We are in the SNG, and I'm doing fairly well again before I blow up. In one hand, I think I held AKo or some such nonsense and G folds in the SB with 38o. I ask G (via voice chat, SWEET!) what he would fold in the small blind with such low blinds. He told me, and I thought nothing of it, until I am dealt 38o on the very next hand. Well, in late position I limp, and the flop comes down 378. Booya! Small bet early on is called by a lot of players, and I pop it up with a pot-sized raise. One caller. The turn is a 6. He checks or bets small, I pop it up again. He calls. The river is a T. He checks or bets small, and I push. At least I think that was how it went. I had him covered and knew I could probably fight back if I lost. He called with 9T, having hit his straight on the turn. And that is why you don't play 38o, even in the small blind.

Lessons learned? Fuck Omaha! I knew better. And fuck UB! I knew better there too. Finally, fuck me! The 38o situation was stupid. I need to tighten up my play and (this is the hard part) keep it tight. There you have it. Ug!

You had me at hi/lo!

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