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Last night, I signed online to play some good ole pokah. With my new bankroll, I figured it was time to try some new things out. My first attempt was at some .50/1 No Limit, where I was up about $25 before losing on a crappy hand. I essentially slowplayed AQo with a AJ6 flop. The turn was a J, and suddenly I was behind. I didn't realize it at the time, but then again, I did have a little spidey sense tingle in my spine. Too bad I ignored it. I left that table up $5.

Once I left there, I headed over to the 3/6 table. Now, this was entirely new to me. I've played 2/4 before with mixed results (and too small of a sample for any real indication). Truth be told, I don't think I ever played anything higher than 2/4 (or 1/2 NL) at a brick and mortar casino, so this was my first foray into 3/6 territory. At first, I was hesitant to go there, but one quick look at the Limit Challenge Guide and I knew that 3/6 was the right place for me bankroll-wise.

Things went fairly well there too. At first, I was nervous as shite. You never know what the players are going to be like. In one hand, I bluffed every single card. I was in the SB, and no one had limped. I raised pre-flop and the BB called. The flop was unhelpful. I bet again, and he called. Uh oh. The turn gave me a shitty flush draw. I bet, and he called. What was I thinking! The river was a blank. Now I hesitated. He called me every time I bet. But I probably can't win without betting. The way I was acting, I was representing top pair, at least (which was Kings). I paused for a moment, and realized that it was time to put my balls on the table. I bet...he folded. I took my balls back and returned them to wifey Kim's jar on the mantle.

I think in the end, I was down a little bit, but not enough to be upset. I was confident I could win it all back too, but wifey Kim was asleep on the couch and was edging toward wakedness. I figured I'd sign off and carry her to bed.

In another interesting adjustment, I have returned to watching poker on television. I think I had burnout or something. Well, my appetite is back with a vengeance, and I have my DVR working overtime to pick up shows that I've missed. I was watching the 7pm broadcast yesterday and I have to say, there was some really interesting stuff going on.

First off, Tiffany Williams(on?) deserves a mercy killing. This woman took 5 minutes to decide on whether to call an all-in raise pre-flop when all she had was KJh! I was hoping she'd call and lose to the AA she was up against. As my mind worked, I began to think that she was doing it for TV time or to tilt players. NOPE! She later pushed all-in pre-flop after a re-raise with...A7o! She went up against QQ and won. Somewhere, the poker gods laugh.

Meanwhile, Greg Raymer has made it into the "dreamy" category. I love watching this guy play. He just seems so in the moment and aware. One of my favorite hands was when he held 56d v. Q6s. The flop had a flush draw for spades. The turn gave Raymer the straight flush draw (7d8d on the board. But here is when it got interesting. The player with the flush draw pushed all-in. Raymer thought about it and called. The rivered Jd brought Raymer the win. Now, I don't know about the pot odds here, or anything else. I just like the way that Raymer carried himself. He was classy and calm. Truly impressive.

In other adjustments, my home game tonight has blown up. The plan was to have an 8-person $20 rebuy tournament, because I have a sweet 8-person poker table top compliments of PokerSourceOnline (referral code: HighOnPoker). You can get your own poker table top from PSO or VegasPokerPro. My suggestion is to do the Royal Vegas promo on VPP. I finished the promo without even knowing it (and barely playing, oddly). VPP told me that I had completed it, as opposed to PSO, where you have to keep track and tell them. Either way, go get yourself some free stuff.

So, suddenly I have 9 people attending. Someone IMs me and asks about a 10th. Two people call and ask about 11 and 12! I told 10-12 that we were full until I finally relented. So, I'm openning it up to two tables. It's going to be packed, but it's actually a pleasure. I don't think I had a home game in months.

Genoa giveth and Genoa taketh away. As you will recall, my favorite underground poker club in NYC, Genoa Club, is under new management, and the first thing they did was stop their daily $40 freezeout tourneys. Well, rumor has it, the place has been closed down. SUCK IT BITCH! That's what you get for ruining a good thing. Of course, as if it needed to be said, I was not involved at all in their bust (if that is what happened). It occurs to me now that it would be funny to start a business like Genoa, sell out, and then call the cops on your old place. Funny and probably stupid. So let's just call it fupid.

That's all for now. I should be uber-busy at work today. Oh well oh well.

Houston, we have a suckout!

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At 7:51 PM, Blogger TraumaPoker said...

In response to why I am playing the WRGPT....because it is poker? I kind of liked the idea of a slow paced big MTT where I could stare at my email and think about what I wanted to do. Also it is a way to play poker at work!! I get to play maybe 2 hands a day at work at best but it is fun!! It turns out is it also like the INTERNET POKER!! DONKEYS ALWAYS DRAWING!!!!

At 7:59 PM, Blogger Riverrun said...

Just wanted to ask when you wanted to do our SNG rematch?? I just got the blog going, thanks for the inspiration.


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