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Poker Attire

I wish I could remember the URL, but this is me as a South Park cartoon. Notice the stubble, sparse hair and Superman shirt. For those who don't know, I've worn a Superman t-shirt as my "lucky" poker shirt for a long time. It all started because games were in my apartment. The shirt is comfortable, and there is something a bit over the top about portraying myself as Superman at the table. All this is well and good, but the shirt really became my poker symbol when I drove to AC with fiance Kim, Dave Roose, his girl Allison, Robbie Hole, and his girl Joyous. When we arrived at AC, I went to the trunk to get our bags. Fiance Kim had packed two large bags for a weekend trip, which is her perogative as a female. I had a backpack...a backpack that I left in my parents' house in Long Island. With nothing but my Superman t-shirt and a pair of long shorts (which some might label capris), I looked like a total tool walking around the casino...two days in a row. It was Christmas, as five out of six of us are heathen Jews, so no stores were open. Fortunately, my parents are also heathens and were joining us late the next day, so I had them bring my bag.

I didn't think much of my Superman t-shirt. Maybe it was because I was just out of law school, and was used to dressing casually for class and when not working. Maybe it is the fact that I've always had a personal and eclectic style. Maybe it is my immaturity, or the fact that I admittedly (but only admittedly in the anonymous Blogosphere) read comics. Whatever the case, everyone at the casino felt the need to comment on my shirt. The woman at the chip cashout counter said, "How's it going, Clark." The old man at the Roulette table with his wife said, "Hey, it's Superman!" I was just walking by at the time, and the way that his granny of a wife responded was 50% adorable and 50% delirious. "Come here, Superman!" They wanted to shake my hand! This was standard. Probably because, (a) I stood out amongst the Asian and old people who dominate X-mas weekend at AC, and (b) its easy to refer to someone by their shirt if you don't know their names. At the craps table, it was "Hard eight for Superman." At the blackjack table, it was "The six is your Kryptonite, Supes."

On top of this, I began wearing the shirt to Hole's home games because he and Roose were at the Superman AC debacle. Its comfortable and I like looking like a bum/fool. I also like to wear my trucker style (by that I mean mesh in the back) hunting-camo baseball cap, which was a key part to my hillbilly costume that I wore on Halloween 6 years ago. I put it in the back of my drawer, and suddenly trucker hats were cool. I waited for them to be uncool before I brought the hat out of retirement, my own little spoof. Add this with my hooded sweatshirt, and I can guarantee that anyone seeing me return from a Hole homegame on the train thinks I'm a drugged out freak. At least no one bothers to sit next to me.

The Superman shirt is pretty worn out, and I'm thinking of changing to the Flash. Green Lantern is another front runner. Batman is too played out. I'm also short on hooded sweatshirts, so that will have to go on my 'things to buy' list. It's gotta be just right, with no labels, a zipper in the front, and preferrably cheap material.

So, this is my poker uniform. I play myself off as a goofy college guy, stuck in perpetual inebriation and immaturity. Its not so far from the truth. In my upcoming trip to AC (with Roose on Monday), I might change it up and dress up for the place. But who wants to play against a slick looking guy. Not me. I'll take the drunk, dumb college kid any day.

Question to my Readers: What is your prefered poker attire in live games? Not the online poker attire, which for some (read: DNasty) is probably just a sock on the schween and a pair of mismatched socks.

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At 5:44 PM, Blogger GaryC said...

Shorts, always shorts, either cargos or jean shorts.
A Nike t-shirt and matching ball cap (black, blue or red)usually turned backwards.
Sunglasses are retarded, but optional.(I have worn them)
Tennis shoes or flip flops.

The one live tournament in a casino that I played at in Kansas, I sported the entire OU outfit, consisting of the following items all with the OU logo.
I made the money but got more compliments on my outfit than my play.


At 11:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a big Negreanu fan and if you've seen a few of his appearances at final tables, you shouldn't be surprised that I've always wanted to wear an expensive suit (armani, versace or atleast a good looking suit, whatever) to the card room, which I have yet to do.

I like to wear chill clothes, you know, a t-shirt and pants... although I normally wear a polo and khaki pants every day (both during and not during work).

At 10:11 AM, Blogger Jordan said...

Interesting DP. I always think of Negreanu in a hockey jersey, rather than the suit. The thing about wearing a suit is, will it be comfortable? And if it isn't comfortable, will it give you an edge elsewhere? It might, as people might have an image of you as a professional (poker or otherwise) and fear you. But generally speaking, I'd rather play in my skivvies and be comfortable, while encouraging calls when I have the nuts.


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