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Gotta Keep Moving

I lost a Rio, thus ending my streak of placing. I was thinking of jumping into another, but time constraints dictated otherwise. Instead, I jumped into a .50/1 limit for all of one hand. I was watching the table and seeing things I don't like. A lot of people were drawing down to inside straight draws. It was just a manic table. I like a table I can control. Otherwise, I have to sit around and wait for the nuts and then hope it holds up. Not fun for me.

So, I jumped into a .50/1 NL table with $20, which is generally too cheap for the .50/1. However, most of the table had smaller stacks, so I figured I was good. Do you remember what I said about changing up your game to keep profitable and interested? It worked like gang-busters. I think that's the phrase. Let's go with, it worked like a charm.

The table was 6-max, my self-proclaimed specialty, and I lost about $8 in a short span. Down to $12, I started to really get a feel for the players. This was key to my success. I busted one guy, whose name was a variation of iBluffYou, about three times. This guy had ATM written all over him. Suddenly, I'm up $15, and my ATM leaves the building. I think I may have done this only once in my life. As soon as he is out of the room, I search for iBluff using Noble's inferior player search option. He was in the lobby, but after refreshing three or four times, he popped up in a 1/2 game. I guess he thought he'd press his luck.

I jumped into the 1/2 with $20 (definitely not enough), while leaving my other window (.50/1) open. I was still profitable there and pushing around the table at whim. The 1/2 was a little harder, but sure enough, with my ATM sitting directly to my right, I was able to start winning money there too. iBluff eventually left that room, and I followed him to a third room. What I found most interesting is that he didn't seem to notice, or at least say anything. I mean, I busted him a couple of times and kept popping up whenever he switched rooms. I'm pretty sure I did some smack talking too in the first table. After that, I shut up, trying to remain incognito.

Long story short, I won back my Rio losses ($23) and won about $10 on top. This morning I hopped on for some more no limit and won another $13. The bankroll in Noble (in this current stint) started at $92, and is now at $215. These are no where near most blogger's numbers, but I'm not most bloggers. I'm damn happy with these humble winnings, considering that I withdrew $45 already, and have $100 sitting in Neteller waiting for Noble's next reload bonus. To have an even greater perspective, I originally started this entire bankroll with $50. $50 to $360! Thank you, sir. I'll take success where and how I find it.

Thanks for reading. If you haven't checked it out, read my fiction story, "Message in a Bottle" immediately below this post. It's inspired by my recent time in the office, awaiting salvation from my go-nowhere job.

Hop on in! The Poker's fine!

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At 10:19 AM, Blogger GaryC said...

$50 to start? Brother, that is where just about all of us started. Nice run at Noble, you are moving the bankroll up nicely. It won't be long before I'm looking up at you.

Good job, J.



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