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SteelerJosh is definitely in for the Heads-Up Challenge, as is WillWonka. Check out their sites and offer some words of encouragement, as they are about to be dessimated by the Highness of Poker. DNasty is most defintiely in as well. With me, Trip, GCox and DoubleAs, that makes 7 participants. If DP from WiredPairs is in, we have a full roster. More are invited though. Links to participants are on the right.

In addition, I won a Rio during lunch. I am amazing. I was the shortstack, down to 350 with 30/60 blinds when there were 4 people left. I was hoping to make it to the top 3, so I could recoup the buy-in. Some ass-crack made a false move and went out fourth, and I was in the money. At that point, I had 350, 2nd place had 420 and chipleader had the rest, over 5000. I outlasted 2nd place by using the ole Rule of 10 to keep afloat until he made a stupid move against the chipleader. I then proceeded to double-up because I knew that the chipleader was loose. Paying attention helps a lot. I pushed with any Ace. He called me with K-high once and with QT once. I doubled up both times. I know that if I wasn't winning cointosses I was screwed. I don't like being in that spot, but a man's go to do. Suddenly I was chipleader by a narrow margin.

The chatting began. He started it, I swear. "Nice Comeback," he said. "Thanks. Got lucky," as I am occassionally gracious. Plus, I wanted him to think that I was just lucky and could not outplay him. "A little bit," he replied. Now, my sensitivity meter is sometimes on high when I play poker. Its mostly because my favorite way to mess with people is to put them in the role of the bad guy, even though I'll jump on anything for an openning. "A lot actually," I responded at first. Then I re-read his statement. Wait a sec...did he just imply that I couldn't get by without luck. Was his "a little bit" some sarcastic slight. Hell, even if it wasn't I saw my openning. "It helped that you were calling me with crap cards though." Oh, no I didn't! Oh, yes I did. He shot me a smiley face, and I shot one back. But game was on.

The last hand was a doozy. I was whooping ass and had a 2-1 chip lead. I was dealt As7s, and doubled the blinds, which was standard for us. He called and the flop was 5x6s8s. Nut flush draw and open-ended straight draw. I bet the pot, he pushed, and I called. He had K7o, and the rest was academic.

There is nothing better than that trophy screen that pops up after winning an SNG. With this win, it is my 5th win in the money out of five attempts at the Rio SNGs. I've placed 1st on two occassions, 2nd once, and 3rd twice. I'm running hot, and hoping to for the major jackpot, which I think is at $30K. I'd be happy with the $300 consolation prize.

I think the Rios are made for me. There is enough time for me to play tight early, and then get into it at about the time I get bored. By then, there is usually at least one player out, and I've got a 3 out of 5 chance to place (if not 2 people out with a 3/4 chance to place). I'm good on a shortstack, so whatever happens before I get into gear is not usually an issue.

Okay. Back to work. Catch you later.

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