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Absolute? Absolutely!

I've continued dismantling the competition at Noble. I've lost a couple of SNGs, notably one Rio, but otherwise have been slaughtering in the NL ring games. I play .25/.50 and usually start with $20. I'll typically double my buy-in, and have, as a result, ran up my Noble bankroll to $300 from a starting $92. Overall, the bankroll is around $400, starting from a paltry $50. I'm making progress, and I can only hope that this good run continues.

Interestingly, I've made most of my big wins from all-in calls, or all-in re-raises on slowplays. A perfect example: I have 7c3c, in the BB. Loosey McATM is in the SB, and two players limp. Loosey raises to 1.50, and I call, knowing Loosey's ways. The other players fold. The flop comes down: 764, rainbow. We know what's coming right? Loosey moves all-in. I call. He has AKo, and doesn't improve. One player says, "Brave call." Loosey left the room, so I said, "I was waiting for that." You see, Loosey was pushing a lot when flops came out that obviously did not help his hand. In this case, I could be, more likely than not, that he had two unpaired cards. If I was wrong, so be it. But I wasn't. On top of that, I once learned from reading Grubby that when a player pushes post-flop with a relatively small pot, he's bluffing more often than not. If Loosey had AA, he'd try to bet small and build the pot to his benefit. You push when you want the quick win, because you hit nothing.

This is typical in the games I play.

Unfortunately, aside from the Heads Up Challenge, I don't expect to play at Noble that much in the near future. I contacted Noble's online customer support. They surprisingly only took 5 minutes to respond. Sometimes, it feels like forever. I asked when they are having their Reload Bonus (60%), but the customer service rep didn't know if there was one planned. This is disappointing, as I planned on depositing my $100 from Neteller once the bonus was in effect. As a result, I've decided to leave the verdant pastures of Noble and move to the next stop on the High On Poker Bonus Whore Express. Next stop: Absolute.

I've toyed with the idea for a while, and as soon as the $200 I've withdrawn from Noble is in my Neteller account, I'm depositing $300 at Absolute. With their 50% bonus, I'll start working on earning my $150. Also, I'll be working toward earning Poker Tracker from (referral code TripJax or GCox25). It's time I jumped into the +EV world.

If anyone has advice regarding Absolute, please pass it along. Are there any particularly soft games? Are there any ways to earn my bonus quicker?

Also, look for the results of the SNG Challenge tomorrow morning. The Challenge ends at midnight, and as we speak, GCox is in the lead, Trip holds second, and Kipper is playing higher stakes to pass the two frontrunners. I still have my money on GCox, but Kipper has made this interesting.

Look for the Heads-Up Challenge, which has a tentative kickoff on Wednesday. Game on.

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I wont have a internet connection to at least monday the 15th, cause the unfortunately wednesday is bad for me. Thats the best I can do, sorry...


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