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Loose Ends and You Decide #14

My old mistress Noble Poker has continued to be good to me. I won $20+ over lunch, doubling my NLHE buy-in at the .25/.50 ring game. I was up a great deal more, but I into this hand:

You Decide #14

I held AKo, UTG, with five people sitting. One player had already posted his blind (new to the table), so there was 1.25 already in the pot when I popped it to $2 pre-flop. The SB and BB called, and the flop was an odd one: 444. SB bet .50, BB called, and I raised to $2. I was mildly concerned with a pocket pair, but if that was the case, I had outs. Both players called. The turn was a T. SB bet .50, BB called, and I called, hoping to see a nice river. The river was a K, and the SB sent out the same .50. The BB, who had a deep stack but was getting pushed around, raised it to $25. I hit call before thinking. He had 49o.

Let me explain my thought process, albeit when it occurred it was really quick. He may have been slow-playing a high pocket pair. He may have had Ace high and wanted to do some of the pushing around. However, I figured he had a K, like KJ or something. In this way, I thought he was trying to steal my pot. It was never my pot though, was it. After he showed his cards, I thought it was obvious that he held the 4. I couldn't put him on 49o after he called the preflop raise, as he hadn't been playing that loose. But that last bet should've forced me out. Does it make sense to call a $25 raise, if I thought we were going to split the pot, thus only winning $7 or $8 (assuming with estimated math that the pot was $15-16, before his bet)? Should I have considered the four of a kind? I don't know, so you decide. Give me some feedback if you would be so kind.

I have to offer a HUGE congratulations to GCox25, winner of the SNG Challenge. I should've mentioned this earlier, as his was a huge accomplishment. Of course, I predicted GCox would win in the first couple of days of competition. He made it an easy pick, though, as he came out running from the start.

Another HUGE congratulations to Kipper, who took 2nd, after he valiantly risked bankroll and limb moving to $20 SNGs on the final day. His valor paid off, and he narrowly beat TripJax for the silver medal. Trip, GCox and I were so convinced you had it in the bag. I hope none of our confidence rubbed off on you and caused the last minute loss. Regardless, your abilities were well-highlighted in the competition.

I am also extremely impressed by DNasty, who continued to play when I had given up. D rebounded from under $5 to over $40. This is an accomplishment that shows his skills and his determination. While he was fighting to get back on top, I practically gave away my remaining bankroll to NL ring games.

My heart goes out to SteelerJosh, who reminded us all that it's better to go out in a flame of glory (in the earlier portion of the 2nd week) than fizzle out (like me in the end of the 3rd).

That's all for now, as I was just given some actual, real, bona fide work to do. Rock on!

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At 3:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I probably would have tried another SnG toward the end of last night but during one SnG with gcox I had a power outage which threw my firewall into a frenzy and I could not get back online unless I used my spare work laptop. By the time I got back online Gcox was down in chips and I blinded away a few. So I decided to call it a night after my loss as that table. I was frustrated and felt it would not be a good idea to continue.

Thanks for the kind words Jordan. I look forward to watching you all from the rail during the heads up challenge.

I have to work of the last of my bonus on UB but then I plan on moving to Noble Poker to finish up a little I have left there.

At 4:06 PM, Blogger TripJax said...

Having a four doesn't make much sense unless he was calling your raise with something like A4 suited or K4 suited and was playing loosey goosey...

I can't say I would have put him on 4. However, I probably pay him off once the K hits. If I don't put him on a 4 then I figure he is trying to win it right there with his pocket pair...

I decide I would have called and lost as well.

For the HU Challenge, what about littleacornman? Anybody asked him yet? Also Drizztdj might would do it...

At 4:29 PM, Blogger GaryC said...

LittleAcornMan would like to do it, but he is in England, so te time difference would pose too big a problem. Drizz is a thought and I also asked JediHog if he would be interested in being #8.
Any other suggestions, how about AlCantHang? Anyone, anyone?


At 4:37 PM, Blogger GaryC said...

After further examination, JediHog is out-travelling too much in the coming weeks.
I haven't got a clue who we could get.

By the way, I decide exactly as you and lose, but call. No way I could put him on a 4. No effing way.



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