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Heads-Up Challenger #8

Here ye, here ye. Presenting, for your entertainment, the newest and bluest challenger to step into the Heads-Up Challenge Arena!

Heiling from Houston, Texas. The three-nipple wonder. The ambidextrous athiest. He puts the Er in Poker (which really means nothing):


Stand back ladies. This thing is just getting started.

With Mourn as our 8th competitor and confirmation pending from DuggleBogey and Porkchop Fin, we may reach a 10-person competition. GCox will do the confirming for Porkchop, but if my short chat with them yesterday was any indication, we are looking good. Stay tuned for details.

posted by Jordan @ 11:09 AM,


At 2:56 PM, Blogger GaryC said...

DuggleBogey is out for sure. He doesn't have an account on UltimateBet and doesn't plan on setting one up. I think since Mourn is in, we just stick to 8.

If someone else wants in then I will contact Porkchop Fin about being #10.


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