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Thank you Dr. Pauly and fellow bloggers. Today, I've had about three times the traffic as usual. I may have bubbled out on both tournaments, but at least there was some tangible benefit, aside, of course, from cavorting with my fellow bloggers. Keep reading, people. The writing is just going to keep getting better.

So, work has been light today. I took my lunch hour, and went home to scarf down some grub while watching Elimination Match 11 of PokerStars II. This game featured two of my favorite players, Doyle Brunson, the man whose SuperSystem 1 helped me harness my present game, and Mike Sexton, the WPT announcer whose verbal insight and cheesy lines are forever embedded in my brain whenever I play poker.

An Asian feller by the name of Young (I think) went out in one of the first hands due to some horrific decision making. Sexton with TT raised the pot in early position. Young with AQo raised it up. Mimi Yan (I think that's her name) re-raised all-in with AA. Sexton threw his hand away, and Young thought for a minute before calling. What the hell!? Look, Young, there are only five or so hands she could have had, and the fifth, JJ, is highly unlikely in this situation. There was already two raises, so Mimi could not have been trying to push people out of the hand with a low pair. She would be too vulnerable from one of the big hands, and vulnerable to two high overcards as well (all others, presumably, would fold). So she had to have a premium hand. This included AA, KK, QQ, AK, and maybe...MAYBE JJ. I say maybe JJ because some people might make the all-in move with JJ hoping to force out smaller hands, but also confident that someone might call with overcards or an underpair such as TT or 99 might call. But realistically, JJ is not a good hand to go all-in with here, because the re-raiser, Young, was representing a premium hand. Why call Young? It just goes to show you that even professionals make bad plays. I wouldn't expect this play from anyone other than a novice.

My Full Tilt bankroll has been on life support for a while. I've been putting it all in one NLHE table with the hopes of busting out or doubling up, but neither has happened. Last night, I did double up from about $7.50 to $15, but then gave away $5 in a heads-up SNG. In the SNG, I was a bit distracted, and thought my A9 was suited, with a nut flush draw after the flop. I had been bullying for a while, so I pushed all-in only to be called by AA. When I looked at my cards again, I realized that I was off-suit. I guess it is a donation to the gambling god of stupidity. Maybe Young and I can start a support group.

Poker on, people.

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