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Clever Plans: 1 for 2

I have to make this brief (for now), but I want to direct your attention to I Had Outs. The ladies have foolishly fallen into my trap and have decided to take it upon themselves to spearhead a happy hour for any bloggers in the area. Ironically, they point out my own planning deficiencies, but then neglect to decide if happy hour will be on Friday or Saturday (let alone a time and place). But alas, at least they have officially taken the onus upon themselves. And yes, ladies, I suck at planning these sorts of things, but on the other hand, I am great at getting people to do it for me. This clever plan to pass the buck is a big success!

The second plan, not such a success. Long story short, I returned to Salami on Friday, and lost three buy-ins in the $60 "re-register" (aka rebuy for $50+10) tournament in under 30 minutes. Highlights to come.

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