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All Together Now

The blogger gathering in Atlantic City is shaping up nicely. Much like how things went when I was hosting the DADI tournaments along with TripJax and GCox, I had a moment of fear that nobody would turn out. That, naturally, was followed by a later realization that everything has worked out once again, thanks in large part to some convenient timing and the undeniable pull poker has on us all.

As it now stands, I am heading out from NYC at 3pm on Friday March 9th with Roose as my chauffeur. He wanted to leave a bit earlier, but my commitment to my job doesn't allow this. I guess we can't all be Dawn.

When we arrive in AC at around 5:30pm, I am probably going to do one of two things: (1) Head over to Caesars to play Satellites, or (2) Sign up and play the 7pm $53+12 Tournament at Showboat. If I miss the 7pm tournament, I will have to seriously consider the 11pm game (same stakes). If anyone is interested in either, hit me up with a comment or email (see the tab at the top of the page), and I'll gladly share my cell phone number so we can meet up.

Of course, I am also hopefully going to hunt down a couple of fellow bloggers/players. Hoyazo won't be in until Saturday, so I won't be looking for him just yet. AlCantHang, however, will be in AC with Big Mike for a bachelor party, so while I am sure they will be...busy, I still hope to at least get some phone time with the legend himself and perhaps a couple of Socos. As I expect to also be jonesing for pokery action, its a good bet I can meet up with the I Had Outs girls, F-Train, and crew (Mary, Alceste and Rybka--incidentally, I don't know if I've met Rybka yet). Rumor has it, they are staying at the Fairfield. From what I've read, its a nice hotel a block or two from the Resorts (favorite room of Karol, if I'm not mistaken), but it fails the HoP test. It is neither a casino/hotel, nor is it on the Boardwalk. Still, a suite is a suite, and its also sweet that the crew will be down for the weekend. I wonder if anyone is playing in the WSOP Circuit event.

Speaking of the Circuit, after I hit the sack, I hope to wake up at around 10am on Saturday to head over to Caesars. If all is well, I will have been there the night before to sign up for the event. Otherwise, the day-of lines are usually atrocious, so I'll have to be up and out by 10, instead of up and ambling, with time for breakfast, a walk on the Boardwalk, and a little meditation before the event. The $300+40 event kicks off at noon, and hopefully, I'll still be in it at 2am or so when they break for day two. If not, I'll be back at Showboat for the $120 tournaments at 7 and 11pm.

Truth be told, I am almost thinking of skipping the WSOP Circuit event. Roose wants to play in it, and Hoy will definitely be in it, so I expect to at least stop by to railbird for a bit, but with so many people in town and only a weekend, I wonder if I'd have more fun and luck at Showboat's many tournaments. That and I wouldn't have to worry about going to sleep at a reasonable hour or waking up early for the game. It would be nice to remove all of that mental preparation, but as of now, the plan is to play the event. If I'm out early, so be it. If I'm not, well, then I have some chance at decent money (off the top of my head, I'd expect 1st to be more than $30k and probably $60k).

Sunday is a fun day. Assuming I went to sleep, I'm just about game for anything on Sunday. I have to speak to Roose, but my plan is to not rush home at all. If we leave by 5 pm, I'll be happy, which means a nice day of mas poker.

I might be forgetting someone(s), so if you think you can make it March 9-11, shoot me an email or comment. IHO peoples, let me know what you are thinking. Is there any game or place you particularly want to play? I'm game!

Until next time, make mine poker!

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At 1:09 AM, Blogger AlCantHang said...

We'll be down Friday and Saturday night looking to hang. Bachelor party got pushed back a week but we're still coming down. See you at Caesars


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